Coffee Machines Make Coworking and Hot Desking More Desirable

FreshGround | September 28, 2016

In recent years, flexible working practices have become more and more popular. Thanks to the increase in freelancers and self-employed workers, over 15% of UK workers are now their own boss, and with companies exploring innovative ways to cut costs and promote collaboration, the number of people hot desking and co working has exploded.

As a result, the way that offices are designed, set up and run is changing quickly. Companies need to ensure that employees without a personal base still feel comfortable and confident in the workplace, while businesses that run coworking spaces need to make their office as attractive as possible to itinerant freelancers.

The rise of hot desking

Hot desking is becoming increasingly common in offices across the UK. The basic principle of hot desking involves removing individual workstations and replacing them with desks that are open to everyone. These desks are available on a first come, first served basis, with employees responsible for bringing their own computer, and other relevant equipment, into the office with them every day.

Research has shown that hot desking can reduce the running costs of an office by as much as 30%. What’s more, moving around a workplace encourages employees to talk to new people, something that can lead to higher levels of collaboration and improved office morale.

However, as hot desking removes an employee’s base in the office, it’s important that employers go out of their way to ensure staff still feel valued. One of the best ways to do this is to install a high quality coffee machine. Helping employees to feel cared for and providing a useful social hub, a coffee machine will help to give an office a much needed focal point and boost morale in the workplace.

Making a coworking space more desirable

Another modern working practice that’s taken off in recent years is coworking. Businesses hire out individual desks or office areas on a daily or weekly basis, with freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs using these coworking spaces as a base for business operations.

Competition for coworking spaces in the UK is stiff, with 80% of existing spaces planning to expand to cater to growing demand. To make a coworking space as attractive as possible, businesses need to offer more than just a desk and internet access. A coffee machine and social area can help to transform a coworking space into an exciting business centre, with the coffee machine making it easier for people using the space to meet other freelancers, share ideas and build a community.


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