Fresh or Granulated Milk – Which Is Better?

Should I choose fresh milk or granulated milk for the office coffee machine?

Our coffee machines offer a wide variety of barista-quality drinks all at the touch of a button. Many of the machines in our range dispense milk-based coffees, such as lattes and cappuccinos – using either fresh milk or granulated milk. But which type  is right for you and your office?

We take you through the pros and cons of fresh milk versus granulated milk. *Spoiler alert – we’re biased and we love fresh best! But granulated definitely has its benefits… 


So what is granulated milk?

Granulated milk is made from fresh milk, freeze-dried into tiny granules. You might hear it sometimes referred to as powdered milk. But it’s not the same as coffee whitener or creamer, which usually have added sweeteners. It’s just milk, usually skimmed, that’s been dried out. Simple!


Taste and cost

Coffee purists like the FreshGround team definitely prefer using fresh milk because of its great taste, and authentic barista quality. It also delivers top-quality foam in drinks such as cappuccinos. However, granulated milk still does make a great cup of coffee, and in some cases will be a preferable option for many reasons, for example storage.

Granulated milk is more expensive than fresh milk, however, both have their benefits. Take for example if you need a coffee machine for a meeting room that isn’t used that often. Or your team aren’t in the office every day. In those cases, it might be easier and more cost-effective to opt for granulated milk as it can be left in the machine longer between uses. You may even find that both types are suitable in the same office, for areas with differing requirements.


Storage and shelf life

Fresh milk lasts around a week and will need to be kept refrigerated. You’ll want to consider how much fridge space you have, or how frequent your fresh milk deliveries are. Granulated milk isn’t a fresh product so it can last for around 18 months and is stored at room temperature, for example in a cupboard.



We get asked a lot about the cleaning of office coffee machines, particularly fresh milk machines. Let us tell you – it’s remarkably easy. Yes you will need to clean your fresh milk coffee machine more regularly than granulated, but the few minutes you’ll spend doing it are worth it for the perfect coffee experience for your team.

All our machines have their own simple and quick cleaning cycles. Just press a few buttons and add a couple of cleaning items when prompted, and the machine will quite literally clean itself. You can read more about caring for your fresh milk coffee machine in our blog here


Need a hand?

Our team is here to help you make the best decision based on your business’s specific requirements. We’ll talk you through all the options and find exactly what’s right for you.  Contact us today to chat about your office coffee requirements to keep your team happy, healthy and hydrated. 

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