Making the Most of Summer for Facilities Managers

With a high percentage of office workers taking time out for a holiday or two during the summer months, workplaces around the country will now be a little quieter than usual. Photocopiers will be silent, parking will be easier to find and making a round of tea and coffee won’t be such thirsty work.

Though facilities managers will still have a lot on their plates, the reduced workforce and more peaceful atmosphere can make it easier to take care of those tasks that have been stacking up for a while. From switching suppliers to re-organising the filing system, FMs can take advantage of the summer months to whip their workplace into shape.

Review suppliers

With so many different jobs to take care of every day, it can be all too easy to stick with the same suppliers out of convenience. If your current contractors aren’t providing you with good value products, great customer service or fantastic deals, now’s the perfect time to start shopping round for a company that will.

This could include switching stationery supplier, cleaning contractor or the company that suppliers your coffee beans. If you find under performance or unnecessary expense anywhere in your supply chain, now’s the time to take action.

Breathe new life into the office kitchen

If your office marches on its stomach, a well stocked kitchen or kitchenette will do wonders for morale. Surprise returning staff by giving your kitchen a brand new look, replacing old mugs, buying in new brands and investing in good quality technology as you go.

If your company doesn’t currently have a FreshGround coffee machine, now could be the perfect chance to transform your coffee experience for good. High quality, durable and ideal for use with our delicious range of beans, our coffee machines will give everyone in your office something to smile about.

Arrange renovations

The summer months are a great time to take care of renovations and repairs in your office building. There’s more chance that builders and contractors will have dry days and warm weather to work in, making it easier for them to repair roofs, replace windows, clear gutters and take care of any other maintenance jobs that need doing.

Organise a deep clean

With many of your colleagues out of the office, the summer is a fantastic time for a deep clean. There are fewer people to disturb and fewer to get in the way, so talk to your cleaning contractor about giving the space and thorough clear out.

Though you may not be able to tackle all of these tasks while your colleagues are out of the office, getting a few of them ticked off of your list will help put your mind at ease. If replacing your existing coffee machine or coffee supplier is top of your list, give us a call now and get started on your summer of productivity.

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