Wallacespace, London

Wallacespace, London

Case Study

Wallacespace offer flexible, creative, brighter thinking spaces for meetings, brainstorming, networking, training courses, research groups and presentations in Central London.


FreshGround have been working with them for over 2 years now, solving the very specific challenges that they face with a variety of different client needs over their 4 sites.


“It was really good to choose FreshGround in terms of service, they’re spot on”


With a combination of automatic, bean to cup machines for speedy lattes and cappuccinos, grinders for use with cafetieres, plus chilled and sparkling water taps, Wallacespace have everything they need to cater for even the most demanding clients. Not to mention serving our exclusive, award-winning blends.


But the products need to be backed up with a top class service promise. FreshGround have delivered on that, making sure the machines are running optimally and maintained properly to deliver the reliability needed in a high footfall environment.


Learn more about Wallacespace at their website,

For those who can’t access YouTube, click here for the Wistia video

Simon Cross
22nd February 2017