Why getting an office coffee machine should be your new year’s resolution in 2020

FreshGroundBlog Why getting an office coffee machine should be your new year’s resolution in 2020
Office coffee machine

Why getting an office coffee machine should be your new year’s resolution in 2020

From attracting and retaining top talent, through to extending your company’s own brand experience to employees and clients, we give you the low down on why you need an office coffee machine in your life.


Just say no to instant coffee… always

More and more people today appreciate a quality coffee experience, whether that’s at home, out and about, or at work. Value is put upon having a ‘proper’ coffee, and quite simply, a cup of instant in a grubby office mug just doesn’t make the cut anymore. Your colleagues, clients and visitors now demand premium, high-grade coffee beans that make better coffee, along with a high-spec coffee machine that just makes every cup taste that little bit better. 


Attract and retain top talent
The office environment and work culture can make the difference in people choosing to work for your business and just as importantly, stay with your business. If your team cares about having a great cup of coffee, then you should too. This, along with other simple office perks, show your team you care about their happiness at work, which can also go a long way in helping them perform better for your business.


Save on downtime
A quality office coffee machine negates the need for your team to pop out for a ‘proper’ coffee. Save downtime and make it easy for people to pour their own quality coffees at the touch of the button right there in the office, rather than head out to the nearest coffee shop which could take hours out of someone’s week. Such a small change in the office can not only save your team money which they’ll appreciate, but it will also save your business valuable work time resulting in benefits to the business’ bottom line.


It’s so easy

Every FreshGround coffee machine is really easy to use and maintain. There’s no need to spend time training staff to make barista-style coffees every day. Our machines are simple and intuitive to operate empowering everyone in the workplace to enjoy their favourite coffees whenever they want to. Plus with a range of innovative machines with endless options, your diverse team can choose exactly what they want. From different blends of coffee with a dual-bean machine, different kinds of milk for those who are non-dairy, to the non-coffee lovers who can enjoy sweet hot chocolate straight from the machine. There is something for everyone with a FreshGround office coffee machine!


What to do next?

Simply contact our friendly team where we’ll do our best to advise you on the right machine for you. Plus, we offer a free consultation visit to your workplace to fully understand your requirements, and we offer short term contracts to see how you get on. 


So if you’re interested in providing your team with a quality coffee experience in 2020, please contact us on 020 7553 7900 or send us an enquiry.

Jess Ford
  • Being able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the office should be a necessity in the working day. This is a good post which summarises all of the reasons why offices should invest in a coffee machine. However, it’s important to remember to take the adequate steps to clean it and look after it, especially as lots of people will be using it on a daily basis.

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