Keeping education working

Active Oxygen is the ideal whole-space method for effectively managing COVID-19 in the classroom, enabling you to continue teaching with minimum disruption.

Simple, safe and 99.9999% effective

FreshOffice has been working extensively in education settings to secure teaching environments which have had either an outbreak or a suspected case of COVID-19.

With autumn now upon us, and winter fast approaching, it’s essential we have operationally effective solutions to managing our classroom safety. The requirement we’ve been posed is for a method of sanitising and securing the teaching room in under 15 minutes, without using harmful chemicals or leaving a wet or hazardous residue. Enabling you to continue teaching, with minimum disruption.


Easy to use

Light, portable, and simple to use. No COSHH Controls, specialist training or protective workwear required.


Fast and effective

99.9999% pathogen reduction in just 30 seconds on contact. Sanitise classrooms in under 15 minutes.


Completely safe

Non-hazardous for humans, animals and plants. Non-irritant, non-flammable, pH-neutral, odourless and taint-free.

Purchase, free-loan hire or fully inclusive monthly subscription

Key features

  • Easily sanitises all hard surfaces and areas difficult to access with traditional cleaning methods
  • Fast and thorough – sanitising fogging kills 99.9999% pathogens within 30 seconds (log-6 reduction)
  • Sanitising fogging disinfectant contains no alcohol or bleach, and leaves no residue
  • Extremely simple to operate, with no specialist training or work wear required
  • Range of flexible hire, free-loan and purchase options available

More about ULV cold fogging

Click below to read more about ULV disinfectant fogging and how it works.

  • ULV (ultra-low volume) dry sanitising misting machine, delivering peace of mind for all staff and clients entering your space
  • Effective 100% air and surface decontamination
  • Triple action – sanitises, deodorises and slows regrowth
  • Rooms can be screened off as required
  • FreshOffice fogging disinfectant is completely safe for humans, animals, plants and fabrics
  • No COSHH Controls or Specialist Operator Training required
  • Non-irritant, non-flammable, pH-neutral, odourless and taint-free
  • Machine dimensions (W x D x H): 170 x 500 x 500 mm
  • Motor: 1400W, 220v AC, 50hz
  • Tank capacity: 5 litres
  • Output flow rate: 0-49 L / hr
  • Droplet size: 9-49 micron
  • Weight (empty): 5.3 kg

As simple as 1, 2, 3

It’s so easy to get started with FreshOffice disinfectant fogging.
And, because we know flexibility is key, especially now, we have a range of options to suit your needs.
From fully inclusive monthly subscriptions with no minimum term, to free-loan packages where you pay only for fluid, through to outright purchase, we’re here to support you in supporting your people.


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