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Choosing your coffee machine – how does it work?

Alex | January 28, 2023

Installing a bean to cup coffee machine is a simple and affordable way to provide a convenient and enjoyable office perk. If you’re a HR manager, facilities or office manager, it’s probably up to you to select your machine. But with so many on the market, which one’s right for your business? And how much thought and planning needs to go into selecting the perfect solution?

At FreshGround, we’ve been in the office coffee business for over 40 years so we’ve managed a lot of installations. With this experience in mind, we’ve learned the importance of careful planning. Our aim is to ensure our clients get a machine that’s reliable, cost-effective and something that’ll help keep teams happy and hydrated.

What’s the process?

In many cases, it’s quick, simple and convenient to install a coffee machine in an existing office kitchen. However, for optimal ease, benefit and cost-effectiveness, where possible, it’s best to include the office fit-out contractor. Together they can draw up plans with the coffee machine supplier for the best results. We explain why…

What’s an office fit-out contractor?

Firstly, it’s important to understand the role of office fit-out contractors. Put simply, they specialise in designing and installing office interiors. They’ll manage everything from lighting, furniture, electrical systems, and putting up partition walls, to kitchen fitting, plumbing and so on.

Working to an agreed budget and timeline, their role is to create functional and aesthetically pleasing workspaces. They’ll create workspaces that specifically meet and exceed the bespoke needs of businesses and their employees.

Ways of working

Office fit-out contractors, together with our team at FreshGround, will work together to define the optimum spaces to install clients’ coffee machines. We’ll take into account the specific needs of the office, the space required and plumbing considerations. We’ll also review the number of people, preferred types of coffee drinks and roughly how often these are enjoyed. Other considerations may include teams’ preferences for plant-based milk options.

The partnerships between fit-out contractors and coffee machine suppliers are unique, and each journey to get machines up and running will depend on a number of factors. We look at what needs to be considered in the planning stage to help avoid the need for retrofitting later on. Retrofitting machines can cost your business time and money.

Space and convenience

One of the main considerations when installing a coffee machine is the space available. There needs to be room to plumb the machine in, as well as enough height overhead for coffee bean hoppers. Depending on the size, the bean hoppers can be tall and may not fit easily under kitchen counter cupboards.

Ease of use and maintenance of the machine is important. We recommend having the machines next to the office kitchen supply cupboards for convenience. Those who are responsible for keeping the coffee flowing will have to top up the machine regularly with beans and milk. Remember that coffee machines also need to be cleaned regularly, so it’s a good idea to keep cleaning supplies close to hand as well.

It’s prudent to consider the potential for growth in the business and whether clients may need a larger coffee machine in the future that can cater to more office workers. In this case, contractors should plan this space effectively for expansion if or when required.


Along with considerations of the location and type of machine, the availability of a water source and drain is key.

The process of plumbing typically involves running a water line from the nearest source to the machine and connecting it to a water supply. A drain also needs to be connected to the machine to handle wastewater. We’ll also need to ensure that the machine is properly grounded and that it meets all relevant safety and building codes.

The time required to complete the installation will vary depending on the complexity of the project and the availability of the necessary materials and equipment. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days.

Other factors to consider

Contractors and coffee machine suppliers will work closely with clients to create a solution that meets all their needs. Factors such as the quality, type and availability of coffee beans, the cost and reliability of the chosen coffee machine and the level of service and support. Put simply – think beans, machine and service!

At FreshGround, customer service is very important to us, so our machines come with service plans as standard. These plans include regular maintenance and repairs, as well as the availability of replacement parts, and proactive and reactive technical support.

Need a new coffee machine?

We’ve got your covered. Either working directly with you or alongside your office fit-out contractors, we’ll take the time to carefully consider your exact requirements. We’ll help you find a solution that meets the needs of the office and provides a reliable source of refreshment for everyone in the team. Providing quality coffee at work is not only a great perk, but it can contribute to the health and well-being of employees and enhance the overall office experience. If you need any help, simply give our team a call on 020 7553 7900.