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How Does Your Generation Fit into the Workplace?

FreshGround | February 17, 2016

According to recent research, each generation behaves very differently in the workplace. The study has shown that year you were born has a big impact on your attitude to work and the role you play in the office.

So are you a product of your generation? And can your birthdate really determine your personality?

Baby Boomers

Born between the end of the Second World War and the early 1960s, the Baby Boomers came of age just as Britain was becoming an industrial powerhouse and the heart of world youth culture. Having ridden out a few ups and downs in the economy, they are now reaping the rewards of the property boom and slowly preparing for retirement.

According to the research, Baby Boomers are productive, hardworking and team players. They can be relied upon to pull their weight in the work place and often act as mentors to younger employees and those trying to build their careers. Boomers have a strong presence in the boardroom with 66% of those surveyed employed as executives.

On the downside, Boomers are the least tech savvy of all those surveyed. They are often less collaborative in the workplace and can find adapting to new working practices and new systems difficult and confusing.

Generation X

Workers born between 1963 and 1980 are generally considered to be part of Generation X. Having grown up in a world full of pop music, punk and emerging technologies, this generation saw the world change more quickly and more profoundly than almost any generation before.

Overall, Generation X is one of the most valuable to have in the workplace. Scoring highly on relationship building, problem solving, collaboration and revenue generating, they’re natural born salesmen who are great at communication.

However, the research also showed that members of Generation X are considerably less cost effective than Baby Boomers and that they are much less likely to have a presence in the boardroom.


The most tech savvy of all the generations, Millennials – born between 1980 and 1995 – trounce Boomers and Generation X when it comes to gadgets and electronics. Having grown up with the internet, mobile phones and multiple TV channels, this generation was born to inherit the digital world that’s been created for them.

Though Millennials make ideal employees in technology companies and are the ones most likely to knock up a website, launch a start up and show you a short cut on your smartphone, the generation scored much lower than both others in almost every other category. With almost no executive presence, low cost effectiveness, poor relationship building and dismal results at generating revenue, Millennials are struggling to find their place in the office.


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