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How to keep everyone happy in the office

Alex | March 8, 2022

From clear communication to coffee and perks, we take a look at simple ways to support the happiness and engagement of your team.

If you’re an office or facilities manager that takes care of, well, literally everything, it can feel like a lot of pressure. These management roles can be hugely challenging when you’re supporting services, processes, balancing budgets and overseeing an entire team.

A happy team is a productive team and if people are happy at work, you’ll attract and retain talent which is vital in keeping your business moving. Office teams today are diverse and span different generations with people from all types of backgrounds with various interests and ways of working. So how do you keep everyone happy at work?

How can I keep my team happy in the office?

It’s sometimes the little things that make all the difference and a simple thank you goes a long way. A report from the US found that when people experience gratitude from their manager, they’re more productive. And in another survey, it was proved that teams perform tasks better when their members believe that their colleagues respect and appreciate them. Showing gratitude is even more important for remote and virtual teams as this recognition can support those separated by distance to feel better connected.

You can go above and beyond a simple thank you and consider sharing team recognition more publicly through a company email or on social media. Consider writing a thank you note or sending a gift to show your appreciation. There are lots of simple or imaginative ways to show your team you appreciate them.

Is flexibility important at work?

There’s never been a time when flexibility is more important for those seeking new opportunities. With talent in high demand, businesses that are unwilling to be flexible will lose out. This focus on flexibility has been further exacerbated by the pandemic when we were all working from home and people saw new value in remote working. Interestingly, over 55s are the most likely to want to work from home permanently whereas 16-24-year-olds favour working in the office full-time. 85% of employees currently working from home want a ‘hybrid’ approach of both home and office working in future so it’s important for employees to be flexible.

Allowing employees the flexibility to work remotely can boost employee morale and reduce stress levels. Being flexible with your team’s start and finish times is also helpful and encouraging your team to take breaks will actually increase productivity.

Your people are your most important asset so showing a little flexibility builds trust and commitment and can vastly improve your company culture.

Ask for input

People like to feel like they’re being heard so asking your team for input allows employees to feel more engaged in their work. It also makes them feel more connected to your company’s overarching goals. Asking what your team want will help generate ideas that could change your business for the better and even improve your company culture.

Again, it’s the little things that can make a difference. Take for example the coffee you have in the office. Are your team happy-making coffees using a kettle? If you have a coffee machine, are they happy with the current model? Is it reliable and does it make coffee that your team loves? Perhaps they want a more premium quality coffee experience at work. Before you go ahead and order a new commercial bean to cup coffee machine, simply ask your team what they want.

Some of our customers do an online survey or a quick questionnaire via email to find out what people want from their coffee machines. They’ll ask things like what drinks are your favourite, how many coffees do you drink a day, what type of coffee beans do you like and so on. This means that with their input, you’ll get an office coffee machine that will work for everyone. And the result? A happy and more productive workforce.

What perks are important to employees?

Office perks play an important part in your team’s happiness. Perks help to create a work environment that people want to be part of. They reinforce your company values and culture and build a brand that attracts and retains talent. Providing a quality coffee experience is one simple perk you can provide your team.

A staggering 75% of employees agree that having high-quality coffee shows that their employer cares for their wellbeing. In another survey, it was revealed that 52% of people like to drink the same beverages at work as those they get in coffee shops.

What type of office coffee machine do we need?

If you’re thinking of getting an office coffee machine as a perk to reward your employees, there are lots to choose from. For most offices, we recommend a bean to cup machine but the model will depend on a number of factors. These include how many people are in the office, how many coffees you expect to be drunk every day, do you want fresh or granular milk etc.

You’ll also need to think about where the machine is going and place it where it is most convenient for your team to access. You can check out our entire range of coffee machines which we’ve put in a handy comparison chart to help.

Get in touch

However you plan on keeping your team happy and engaged at work, we’re here to help. Not only do we offer the latest in coffee machines, but we also have lots of water dispenser options that include state of the art boiling undercounter taps. Keeping your team hydrated is really important so it’s worth investing in quality refreshments that people enjoy in the office. Give our team a call on 020 7553 7900 or drop our friendly team an email and we’ll help you find the right option for you and your team.