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How to Make Your Boss Happy – A PA’s Guide

FreshGround | February 9, 2016

Being a PA is a tough and demanding job. Whether you’re working for a large international corporation or a growing startup, you’ll have to deal with a huge amount of responsibility, work long hours and take on a range of roles around the office.

The best way to make your job as a PA a little easier is to make sure your boss is always happy. The happier they are, the smoother your life will be and the less pressure you’ll be under during the working day.

Try to understand your boss

The more you take the time to understand your boss, think about their personality and get to know the way they like to work, the easier it will be for you to predict their wants and needs and cater to their requirements.

When you first start a new PA job, getting to know your boss can take time. However the positive impact a good level of understanding can have on your future working relationship will make it well worth the effort.

Be organised

Colour coding your notes, keeping all important information in an easy to find place and keeping careful track of all the incomings and outgoings in your office will make yours and your boss’s lives a lot easier.

Keep your desk and workspace clean and clear, create set systems for storing physical and digital files and make sure you know how to access important information quickly and easily.

Make sure the coffee is good

An office runs on its coffee and for most bosses out there, there’s simply nothing worse than a tasteless, bitter or second rate brew.

To make sure your boss is happy every morning, order your coffee from FreshGround. Our specially chosen blends and carefully maintained machines will help to ensure your boss’s morning coffee always brings a smile to their face.

Keep your boss informed

Part of your job as a PA is to keep your boss informed about what’s going on in the office. Ideally, your boss should hear any news or gossip from you and not from a co-worker or colleague. Though you don’t want to pass on unsubstantiated hearsay, making sure your boss knows what’s happening in the workplace will help them to manage employees effectively.

Be discreet

In order to keep your boss happy at all times, it’s incredibly important to be discreet when it comes to sensitive professional and personal information. Make sure you keep anything potentially embarrassing, damaging or private to yourself, and try to resist gossiping with your colleagues.


Though it may take a little extra effort, keeping your boss happy will not only make your life easier, it will also improve your career prospects and make you indispensable.

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