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If Our Blends Were People… What Your Coffee Says About You

FreshGround | July 21, 2016

Every single one of our coffees has its own distinctive flavour. Not only does this help committed coffee lovers to find their perfect blend, it also gives each of our brews a character of its own. In fact, our coffees are so distinctive they even have their own personalities, something that may help you to find the brew that suits your character and your lifestyle perfectly.

Morning Rise

If Morning Rise were a person, it would be up and working well before dawn had even begun to light up the sky. Optimistic, productive and motivated yet distinctly mellow, this coffee would be the person in your office who’s already done the admin, prepped for that important meeting and been for a 10km run before the rest of you have even opened your emails.

City Sprint

It’s hard not to think of City Sprint as being a 30-something professional carving out a promising career in the workplace. Like Morning Rise, City Sprint is an early bird and often arrives at the office well before everyone else. However City Sprint is a little more energised, staying at their desk all the way through lunch and well into the evening.


Midnight is the sort of coffee for whom there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Having diligently worked from nine to five, this strong, caffeine rich blend stays up late into the night. Whether its working hard on the next big project, socialising with friends or out on the town, this is one brew that likes to burn the candle at both ends, no matter what the consequences.

Guatemala Antigua

Classic, clean and crisp, this refreshing coffee has a distinct exotic twist that dedicated caffeine lovers will adore. If Guatemala Antigua were a person, it would be that reserved but confident colleague who, though being professional, capable and personable, has a mysterious side you can’t quite put your finger on.

Cool Breeze

Relaxed and full-flavoured, this serene blend would definitely be that young, dynamic worker in your office who exudes quiet confidence. Just as happy exploring the great outdoors or people watching at a pavement café as it is in the office, this easy-going coffee has the same cool tones and mellow notes from morning till night.


Which of our coffees are you and your colleagues? Let us know on Twitter @FreshGroundUk If you’d like to find your perfect blend, or you’d just like to learn more about our distinctive range of character coffees, explore our site or get in touch with a member of our team.