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Office Fogging – Why Your Team Needs It

Jess | July 13, 2020

In our latest blog, we chat to Russell Cowley, FreshOffice’s Head of Operations and discuss the new challenges that COVID-19 presents for offices opening up again. He explains the benefits of office fogging with ultra-low volume (ULV) cold misting to add an extra level of protection against the spread of coronavirus.


What should business owners be doing as offices are opening up back up?

While it’s great to get people back in the office reconnecting and working collaboratively again, there’s no doubt that offices will be different living in a post-COVID world. The first thing people need to do is a risk assessment to help protect their employees and visitors from cases of COVID-19. With no vaccine or effective treatment available yet, risk of contamination and transmission is a big issue and employees are naturally worried. Along with encouraging strict hand hygiene through regular and thorough hand washing and using hand sanitiser, business owners should also be upping their cleaning and office sanitisation routines in the workplace as well.


The Government’s Health & Safety website offers a wide range of advice and helpful guides to managing risk assessments, and of course, people should always follow the latest government advice and guidelines for offices to ensure they’re fully compliant.


So what’s the solution to keeping everyone as safe as possible?

There are plenty of new products now that are more proven to be more effective than standard cleaning products, so switching these up is a great place to increase the effectiveness of our cleaning routine. FreshOffice Log 6 Active Chlorine Cleaner kills 99.9999% pathogens within 30 seconds so, with this, you just spray it liberally, leave it and wipe clean to keep surfaces safe. We also recommend people have their own personal sprays as well to keep on their desks or in work bags to use throughout the day. These are just simple, affordable ways to give people extra peace of mind and show them you care about their safety and wellbeing during these challenging times of adjustment.


Tell us more about fogging?

In direct response to the pandemic, the FreshOffice team has developed an office sanitising fogging solution that helps to keep environments safer and sanitised, and gives employees an added level of protection against the virus. You can either purchase these ultra-low volume (ULV) dry chemical fogging machines, or hire them on free-loan, meaning there’s no rental cost, you just pay for the fogging disinfectant.


The great thing about cold fogging is that it not only sanitises surfaces, but it reaches areas that are difficult to access with traditional cleaning methods, including textiles. The fine, dry mist is triple action, so it sanitises, deodorises and slows pathogen regrowth.


Cold fogging offers 100% effective air and surface decontamination, and the units are very simple to operate. Our team will go out to customers and, adhering to strict social distancing, of course, demonstrate how quick and easy they are to use. We’ve also created a fogging machine calculator so if you’re covering a large space, it will tell you how exactly how many units and how much fogging disinfectant you need to ensure you get full protective coverage over a specific area.


What are the benefits of cold fogging over cleaning?

Sanitising foggers should not replace your traditional cleaning activity – it’s an add-on to give your workspace an even deeper clean. We recommend misting areas regularly and of course, misting is important in the event of a suspected COVID-19 case where a deep clean is essential. FreshOffice fogging disinfectant solution is odourless and completely safe for humans, animals and plants and it won’t damage your office electronics, like laptop or mobiles.


I’d encourage business owners to use chemical fogging as it’s proven to kill 99.9999% of pathogens and will help to prevent COVID-19 causing further disruption to businesses. Ultimately keeping people safe is the number one priority and used alongside hygiene and cleaning, chemical fogging provides extra peace of mind to your staff, clients and visitors.


Get in touch with Russell

Anyone who’d like more information can send Russell an email directly or contact any member of the team to organise a free office misting consultation. Also, check out our new suite of cleaning, hygiene and sanitising fogger products to keep you and your team safe at work in our online shop.