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“People Don’t Care About Customer Service Anymore”

FreshGround | March 11, 2016

After a fantastic few days at the much-anticipated PA Show, we’re back in the office digesting everything we learned and getting stuck back into to providing great coffee to offices in the Capital and Manchester. We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who stopped by to talk to us during the show, we had a great time meeting hundreds of hard working PAs and talking to other businesses that support the industry.

Coffee for all!

As well as talking to PAs and networking with other businesses, one of the main reasons we were at the PA Show was to keep everyone topped up with coffee. The coffee on our stand was incredibly popular with everyone attending the event and the rich aromas floating from our exhibit were enough to temp attendees from every corner of the show.

With so many experienced coffee drinkers in one place, we took the opportunity to do a little bit of market research to find out what’s really important to our customers and the offices they run. The results were informative and surprising and will help us to ensure we provide the best service possible to PAs across the country.

On Twitter, @Sh0utAb0utMediA said “Great coffee great smiles and great service” while @lh_lucy had her first ever coffee courtesy of our team.



What we learned

taste vs serviceDuring the show, we asked attendees ?What?s most important when choosing coffee solutions for your office??. Over 600 of you answered and the results were surprising to say the least with just 10% citing customer service as their most important motivator.

Less surprisingly, a huge 70% of people said taste was the most important factor when buying coffee, something that we agree with wholeheartedly. A further 12% said they?d look at cost before any other factor and just 8% of people thought sustainability was the most important consideration when buying coffee for the office.

Though we still believe that customer service is of the utmost importance (and we have a sneaky suspicion that the 10% who cited it as a motivator may be the ones responsible for ordering the coffee in their workplace) it?s great to see that more and more workers now value a beautifully blended cup of coffee.

Get involved

If you did stop by to see us during the PA show, there?s still plenty of time to get involved in our competition. To be in with a chance of winning three months supply of coffee or one of our other great prizes, simply tell us what you thought about our coffee using the hashtag #FreshGroundPAShow.


If you were one of the hundreds of PAs who enjoyed a tasty cup of coffee at the FreshGround stand take a look at our short video of the event to see if you can spot yourself in the crowd.

To find out more about our exceptional service, get in touch with a member of our team or take a look around our website.