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The Easy Guide to Great Coffee Gadgets

FreshGround | March 16, 2016

If you’ve got used to the great taste of FreshGround coffee in the office, you probably don’t want to put up with a second rate brew when you get home. Though it’s impossible to recreate the full taste of FreshGround coffee without our specially selected beans and machines, it is possible to create a pretty good cup in your own home with the help of these handy gadgets.



Simple but effective, the Chemex range of filters allows anyone to brew delicious cups of coffee in their own home. The company’s iconic carafe design makes the filter an elegant kitchen accessory, while the range of high quality filter papers and accessories ensures the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Unlike other home coffee makers, Chemex filters don’t require electricity or any fancy pods or gadgets to work. Instead, they rely on old-fashioned coffee brewing techniques and high quality manufacture.



Like the Chemex range of filters, basic V60 coffee makers use filtration to brew your beverage. The company produces a range of elegantly designed ‘drippers’ with copper, ceramic and plastic versions all available.

As well as their stylish drippers, V60 also make a range of machines that will heat your water and carefully dispense it into the dripper. Though you can get a great tasting brew without the addition of the machine, an electronic component removes even more of the strain from making a cup of coffee.



This modern filter system uses temperature, total immersion and rapid micro-filtering to create tasty cups of coffee every time. As long as you get all of the elements of the process spot on, you’ll end up with smooth, sediment free coffee after every brew.

Unlike other coffee machines, the Aeropress is portable. Light and easy to move, this futuristic filter can be taken to wherever it’s needed the most.


French press

Also known as a cafetiere, a French press is a classic coffee maker found in homes across the country. Producing a rich, dense coffee, some people find the coffee produced in a French presses a little chalky.

Though it is possible to produce excellent coffee using a French press, the technique is prone to over extraction so make sure you don’t squeeze those coffee grounds too much.


The best way to ensure that your coffee is rich, aromatic and delicious is to invest in specially selected beans from FreshGround. Even if you don’t have one of our bean to cup machines in your office, you can still use our high quality coffee in your bulk-brew, percolators and filter machines to make a brew that’s perfect every time for meetings, conferences or staff rooms. Get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.

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