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Top 5 Best Practice Picks for Facilities Managers

FreshGround | April 14, 2016

If you’re like most Facilities Managers we know, you probably strive everyday to ensure the space you’re responsible for is as clean, comfortable and smooth running as possible. With the job requiring so many different skillsets, Facilities Managers need to have a broad knowledge base, excellent communication skills and the ability to turn their hand to a huge range of tasks.

To ensure that Facilities Managers excel in their roles, industry professionals, many of whom have been facilities managers themselves, have created a wealth of resources including standard Best Practices. These help Facilities Managers to run their workspaces efficiently and ensure everyone is one the same page when it comes to getting stuff done.

Fire safety

Ensuring that the workplace is as safe as possible for employees is one of the Facilities Manager’s most important roles. When it comes to fire safety, FMs need to ensure that the building they’re responsible for has the required number of fire alarms, that exits are clearly marked and that all employees know exactly what they should do in case of a fire. Installing CO monitors is a related part of fire safety and should be part of any Best Practice for Facilities Managers.

Energy saving

As well as being good for the environment, energy efficiency can help a business to save money and reduce running costs. Facilities Managers should ensure employees turn off lights and appliances and check that heating and air conditioning levels aren’t excessive during the summer and winter months. FMs should also check to see if grants are available to help with optimising a building’s energy efficiency.

Business continuity

In the event of a flood, fire, tech problem or cyber attack, a business needs to be able to continue to operate as normally as possible. FMs should create business continuity and disaster recover plans to ensure the office continues to function in case of an incident and so that the company can recover and protect important data if a disaster occurs.


As well as the operational running of the business, Facilities Managers are responsible for the physical condition of the building the business operates from. Creating regular maintenance routines will help to ensure environmental issues don’t affect the running of the business, with winter maintenance especially important.

Waste management

Waste management, though not the most glamorous part of the job, is one of the most important. Effective and efficient waste management will help an office to run smoothly and help to reduce the business? carbon footprint. Facilities Managers should coordinate with their local council to find the most effective waste management solutions, looking for environmentally friendly options wherever possible.


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