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What are the best office coffee machine companies in London?

Alex | April 16, 2023

With a population of almost nine million, London is the biggest city in Europe and one of the largest in the world. It’s a city of coffee lovers with the largest number of coffee shops in the UKthe first of which opened up all the way back in 1652 over 300 years ago. Our love for coffee only seems to be increasing and in spite of the UK is well known as a nation of tea drinkers, today, coffee and tea are now both consumed equally.

It’s widely expected that modern-day businesses must offer their staff and visitors a quality coffee experience, so you may be wondering what type of office coffee machine you need. There are lots of great companies that are leading the way in providing excellent coffee machines for the office so if you’re a facilities or office manager, read on. We take a look at some of the best office coffee machine companies in London so you can up your coffee game in the city.

Which office coffee machine company is right for my business?

Before working with a new supplier, the first step is to do your due diligence. You’ll want to research reviews online, talk to existing customers and of course meet with people from the business. We recently put together a guide on Choosing an Office Service Partner that you may find helpful.

Like any industry, businesses will range in size from small entrepreneurial businesses through to more established and large corporate businesses. There are pros and cons to all of these so it’s important to consider what will suit your business needs. And it’s often a good idea to partner with a business whose values and culture align with your own values.

What office coffee machine should I choose?

Of course, not only do you need to choose your service provider, but you also need to choose the right coffee machine for you and your team. With so many options, it’s easy to get bamboozled. Most businesses that value quality coffee at work will opt for a commercial bean to cup machine.

There are lots of other great office coffee machine suppliers that can support your London workplace coffee needs. Medium to large-sized and well-established businesses like LiquidLine, Select Drinks, Roast and Ground, Nespresso and The Office Coffee Company all provide a great level of service and a wide range of machines from vending, capsule/pod machines and commercial bean to cup.


LiquidLine has been in the office coffee business for around 20 years. They offer coffee machines along with water solutions and various consumable products for the office. They also offer barista training sessions.

Express Vending

Express Vending acquired Select Drinks in 2019 and today Express Vending is one of the UK’s leading vending suppliers. As you would expect, they have a strong focus on vending but also offer a range of quality bean to cup coffee machines along with milk, snack and fruit deliveries to offices.

Roast & Ground

Roast & Ground specialise in office coffee machines, coffee and support for businesses in London and the South East with over 18 years of experience. They offer vending machines, bean to cup, water solutions and coffee beans.


You’ll no doubt be familiar with Nespresso which is owned by Nestle. Their first coffee machine launched in 1986 and since then they have grown and today, offer a wide range of commercial coffee machines for offices.

The Office Coffee Company

They provide commercial coffee machines along with water solutions and various snacks and sundries in their online shop. They have a commitment to being green and sustainable and offer fair trade coffee to their customers.

How should I make my decision?

We recommend that users choose a coffee machine provider based on three key elements – machines, beans, and service. By this, we mean that you consider equal weighting across these factors. So you could have the best looking, fantastic machine but if you’re using inferior quality beans, you’re going to get a bad cup of coffee. Similarly, if you have a great coffee machine, but poor-quality service that nobody comes out to fix, then you’re not going to have coffee in the office at all! You need a company that provides a good level of service and quality across the board.

Small, entrepreneurial businesses are great and you’ll often find their leaders are passionate and enthusiastic about their products, but working with very small businesses can represent some challenges. If it’s a very small team, you may find that they are stretched so can’t be as reactive as a more established business. This comes back to aligning your business values, so if you’re a large corporate firm, a small local office coffee machine company may not be able to have the capabilities to successfully provide your large team with everything you need across multiple sites quickly and efficiently. If you’re a small London office, a small, local office coffee machine company may well meet your requirements perfectly. It’s different for everyone so take your time to do your research. Check out 5 top tips on choosing a new service provider for your office.

Similarly, some large corporate businesses can sometimes seem like faceless entities and you may not get the personalised, friendly customer service you would from say a mid-sized, established business. Some companies will assign a dedicated account manager so you have a constant point of contact and someone who knows you and your business well. In a larger company, you may well be dealing with a call centre and less personalised service. Our advice is to take the time to consider what’s important to you and your team and you’ll find a company that’s a good fit for your London office.

If you need any advice on office coffee machines, we’re here to help. Simply get in touch with our London-based team on 020 7553 7900 or email