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What are the latest office trends in 2023?

Alex | February 15, 2023

Rows of soulless grey cubicles, magnolia walls and questionable carpets are thankfully no longer the norm for UK offices. Today’s office interiors tend to be thoughtfully designed to encourage collaboration, health and wellbeing, creativity and productivity. So what’s trending for offices in 2023?

We take a look at some of the hottest trends that encourage an engaging workplace culture so your office doesn’t get left behind.

The environment we work in is really important as it can impact your teams’ mood, drive, mental health and performance. If your team is working in a dreary, dark and dated office setting, it’s likely that they won’t be giving you their best.

In order to encourage your team to be productive and support your company’s success, you should be rewarding them with comfortable, stylish and contemporary office space alongside valued office perks like great coffee and refreshments.

Hybrid working and smart technology

Of course one of the major shifts in workplace culture, thanks in part to the impact of COVID, is the increase of hybrid and flexible working. In 2023, we’re likely going to see more companies adopt these models as the norm, rather than an exception. This ongoing shift will have a significant impact on office design, as more and more spaces will be designed to facilitate remote working, as well as in-person collaboration.

For these reasons, we can expect to see more open-plan spaces and a greater emphasis on technology that facilitates remote working. This will include the use of video conferencing and collaboration tools, as well as the use of smart building technology.

Smart building technology is the integration of digital systems, sensors, and or devices into the physical infrastructure of your office. By implementing smart building tech, you can improve the comfort and productivity of your team. It also helps to create a more efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly building environment.

Examples of this can include things like office automation systems, lighting controls, air-con and heating, security systems, and more. All of which can be connected and controlled through a central platform like an app on your mobile phone or from your laptop..

Nature in office design

Another key design trend is the incorporation of natural elements such as plants, wood or stone materials, water features, living walls and so on. This is called biophilic design and it aims to bring the outside into the office.

This design style will often include lots of natural light with nature-inspired colour palettes and organic shapes and forms. The trend has actually been around for a while now but with the focus on both physical and mental health becoming a priority for business leaders, it’s one that is set to grow. Creating this connection to nature through design, it’s thought to promote well-being, creativity and comfort, and even reduce stress.

Resimercial and hotelification

As the lines between physical and virtual workspaces blur, so too will likely see an increase in offices that incorporate a ‘homely’, comfortable and convenient feel. This brings us to our next predicted office trends – resimercial and hotelification. They may sound like buzzwords but they’re actually interesting new themes which are taking the office world by storm. But what do they mean?


Resimercial office design is simply the integration of residential elements into commercial office spaces. This unique design approach creates a more comfortable and welcoming environment, with features such as home-style furniture, soft lighting, and natural materials. The goal is to make employees feel at ease and encourages people to be more productive and creative in the office.


Hotelification is when design and service elements from hotels are integrated into the office environment. The idea behind this trend is to create a welcoming and convenient workplace that feels a little more like a hotel than a traditional workspace.

Features like on-site food and cafe service, private lounge areas, concierge services, and high-end amenities are typical of hotel-inspired offices. Some offices may even invest in creating spaces that are designed to facilitate relaxation, such as yoga rooms and meditation spaces. The overall goal is to provide employees with a stress-free and enjoyable work environment that promotes productivity, wellness, and satisfaction.

What’s right for my office?

With so many new trends, you may want to pick and choose what’s right for your office culture. One thing we know that your team will appreciate is a quality coffee experience. So if you’re looking to upgrade your office coffee offering, simply get in touch with our team. We have over forty years in the office coffee business so we can help find the perfect solution to keep your team happy and hydrated at work.