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What Type of Personal Assistant Are You?

FreshGround | July 8, 2016

With so many different balls to juggle and issues to tackle, being a PA is never boring. No matter what industry they’re involved with, most PAs put a huge amount into their companies, dedicating hours and hours every week to ensuring their bosses, and their offices, run as smoothly as possible.

As a result of the varied challenges PAs face, there’s no one personality type that’s right to fill the job every time. Instead, different companies will be looking for different qualities, with some requiring Jedi-like organisational skills, some preferring candidates who are able to keep everyone happy and others insisting on PAs who can tackle countless tasks at the same time. So what type of PA are you and could your company cope without you?

A people pleaser

Though you probably only answer to one person, you try to keep everyone in the office happy by taking on extra jobs, taking the strain off of your colleagues and generally being a positive influence around the office. You’ll spend hours scouring the internet for the most colourful office accessories or the tastiest coffee to ensure your co-workers feel valued and taken care of throughout the working week.

A multitasker

You’re highly organised, efficient and able to keep track of a lot of different things at the same time. You can tackle a number of jobs simultaneously without letting any detail slip through the cracks. In fact, you’re so good at getting stuff done most people take your extraordinary multitasking skills for granted, even when you’re pulling off incredible organisational feats left, right and centre.

A trouble shooter

Wherever there’s a problem, you’re there to trouble shoot it straight away. Even if it’s not your responsibility, your colleagues look to you to fix any and all issues around the office and keep everything running on an even keel.

Because of your ninja-like problem solving skills, you end up with more responsibility that you bargained for, with your boss handing you a range of important jobs to take care of throughout the working week.

A workaholic

You’re the first one in the office in the morning and the last person there at night. You put in more and more hours every week in an effort to be the best PA you can be. Whether you get recognition for your hard work or not, you give 100% to your job. Though you?re often taken for granted, you know the office simply wouldn’t function without you.


Whatever kind of PA you are, one thing you’ll have in common with all your PA colleagues is a love of coffee. To ensure your daily brew isn’t one of the things you have to trouble shoot, get in touch with FreshGround to find out about our excellent range of beans and machines.