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The Quality of Your Coffee Speaks Volumes to Your Clients

FreshGround | May 16, 2016

As soon as an existing or potential client enters your office, they make immediate and important judgements about your company and your employees. These first impressions can make a huge difference to your future business relationship, with a bad impression difficult to recover from.

Though you may not be in a position to move business premises, refurbish your office or give your lobby a stylish new look, there are a few aspects of your work space you can change to ensure you give your clients the best impression possible every time.

Coffee is coffee

If you thought coffee was just coffee, think again. The difference between a cup of instant granules and a brew that’s been prepared using freshly ground beans can be staggering. In fact, to many people, they’re not even the same thing.

Having high quality coffee in your office won’t just make the space smell more inviting, it will also give clients the impression that you value quality products, that you care about your staff and that you have high standards.

Is a chair just a chair?

If you’re still not convinced that the quality of your coffee really matters, take a moment to consider what your office furniture says about your business. Of course, a tatty old sofa would work just as well as something to sit on, but it won’t send the same message as a sleek, stylish chair or designer couch.

Investing in high quality pieces of furniture is an obvious way to make your office appear more professional and more ambitious. Even if it costs you a little extra, good quality, stylish furniture is worth the investment if it gives clients the right idea about your business.

Are shoes just shoes?

As we all know, a good pair of shoes will make a huge difference, not just to how you look, but also to how you feel. Well made shoes make it easier to get about, help to prevent you from becoming tired and help you to get through the working day, not dissimilar to a good cup of coffee.

If you believe that quality furnishings, accessories and services matter, investing in the best coffee you can afford for your office is a must. Your employees will love the taste of the freshly ground beans, while clients will get a great first impression of your business and its values. Have a look around our site to find out more. Click here to speak to a coffee expert to set up a tasting session so you can tell the difference.