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Coffee Machines

Solidly designed, compact and easy to use, all of our commercial bean to cup coffee machines are built with simplicity at their heart, and are a stylish addition to any workplace. With a variety of coffees and hot chocolates available, including silky cappuccinos and frothy lattes, you’ll only be a button away from the perfect cup for you. Choose from our BN70 and Jura X7, small but high performance machines, with eight selections which work well in busy staff areas. Or the Jura XJ79, known for its quality fresh milk drinks, suitable for smaller offices or conference rooms. Then there’s the Stern 200, an advanced model with 24 different drink options, perfect for large office spaces or even corporate hospitality events. Whatever you’re after, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with us.

F1 – Jura E6

The perfect accompaniment to any space where high quality, espresso based coffee is needed. Whether it be the boardroom, an executive office or a reception area, it’s not just the machine you get with this package. Included is a complete tea-point, neatly and stylishly presented.

F2 – Jura XJ9

Don’t be fooled by this machine’s good looks – it also creates a fantastic cup of hot coffee. With six invigorating selections to choose from, it uses fresh milk to make satisfying one-touch cappuccinos and lattes on demand. Perfect for meeting and greeting or keeping…

F3 – Jura X8

Fantastic at multitasking, these beautiful Jura coffee machines make easy work of creating two refreshing cups of coffee at once. Expect big things from this surprisingly small unit, with eight drinks options available, including rich, frothy lattes and cappuccinos made with fresh milk. There’s soothing…

F4 – Egro Zero

Swiftly delivered but never rushed, rely on this bean to cup coffee machine to deliver a choice of fresh, personalised drinks at the touch of a button.

F5 - Egro One

When you have an office kitchen or tea-point with high footfall, you need something that’s able to keep up with demand. A robust build quality ensures that the F5 will take everything thrown at it.

G1 – N&W Koro

Brewing superb, fresh coffee has never been easier. Compact, versatile and ready to perform, locate this easy to use, bean to cup coffee machine, wherever you have room – and then let it get on with its job. With no fuss, no heavy contracts and no milk to chill, you’ll find there’s no compromise on quality either.

P2 – Bunn SmartWave

The perfect partner for your workplace, this simple, easy-to-use machine gives you a variety of both hot and cold drink options to choose from, including iced tea. The unique smartwave technology ensures you get the best flavours available. While energy saving features and a large…

P3 - Bunn ICB

A stylish addition to any workplace, this clever coffee machine incorporates BrewWISE® intelligence to bring the best flavours to you and your team. And with a large three gallon tank, multiple brewing options and energy saving modes, it has the capacity to keep a busy…

Water Dispensers

Striking minimalist designs meet innovative technology and compact size to make for all round ease of use and functionality. Our range of Borg & Overstrom hot and cold water dispensers bring a touch of class to your workplace. And with high capacity outputs, plus a host of water options available, they’re built to work under pressure, providing you and your team with anything from hot and ambient to chilled and sparkling water refreshments. Our robust b2 and b4 water dispensers – the ultimate in simplicity and style – all come in either floorstanding or countertop models. Their versatility makes them the perfect office companion and all have a high capacity output rate, suitable for large workspaces. While the u1 and u2 boast cutting-edge contemporary design and the highest levels of simplicity and functionality. These models are made to impress.

T1 Borg & Overström u1 Tap

Sleek and stylish, the ultra-modern Borg & Overström u1 is an asset to any workspace environment. It merges cutting-edge design and functionality with a minimalistic touch. An intelligently integrated touch panel meets with a contoured tap, to give you the latest in dispenser technology.

T2 Borg & Overström u2 Tap

Add a touch of class to your workspace with the Borg & Overstrom u2 water dispenser. Both practical and easy on the eye, this striking design’s high capacity output is enough to keep any workforce happy.

T3 Billi Quadra Tap

A beautiful solution: Billi Boiling, Chilled and sparkling water taps fuse ultra-modern design with unrivalled efficiency. Cutting edge technology ensures safe, filtered water can be delivered instantly.

T4 Billi Quadra Sparkling Tap

A beautiful solution: Billi Boiling, Chilled and sparkling water taps fuse ultra-modern design with unrivalled efficiency. Cutting edge technology ensures safe, filtered water can be delivered instantly.

T5 Billi Quadra Plus Tap

A beautiful solution: Billi Boiling, Chilled and sparkling water taps fuse ultra-modern design with unrivalled efficiency. Cutting edge technology ensures safe, filtered water can be delivered instantly.

W1 Water Dispenser

Simple to use, a breeze to maintain, our sleek, classic W1 water dispenser is an attractive and practical solution for any work space. With chilled, ambient and hot water all on tap, trust this reliable classic to keep filling the cups.

W2 Water Dispenser

Exuding quality, the W2 is a water dispenser with style. High functionality and a host of additional benefits makes this machine a premium water solution for any workplace environment.

W3 Water Dispenser

Stylish good looks are combined with a solid build quality to make the W3 a great addition to any office space, especially with the ability to fill bottles with the increased dispense height.

W4 Water Boiler

Instant boiling water for teas, instant coffee, meeting rooms and conferencing. Versatile and reliable, these mains plumbed water boilers deliver every time.

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