Fresh Milk vs Granulated Milk

Fresh milk vs granulated milk. What’s right for your workplace?

Our office coffee machines offer a wide range of barista-quality drinks all at the touch of a button. We give you the option to choose either fresh or granulated milk. But which option is right for you and your team? We take you through the pros and cons of fresh milk versus granulated milk. 


What’s granulated milk?

Granulated milk is made from fresh milk which is simply freeze-dried into tiny granules. Sometimes referred to as powdered milk or soluble milk, it’s not the same as coffee whitener or creamer. Granulated milk once rehydrated is actually almost indistinguishable in taste from fresh milk and has benefits for use in coffee machines.


Storage and shelf life

Fresh milk will last around a week whereas granulated milk will last for around 18 months. Fresh milk has to be stored in the fridge or it will spoil, whereas granulated milk can be easily stored at room temperature in the cupboard. By opting for granulated milk, you can order in bulk and avoid the worry about weekly orders. Overall, granulated milk gives you more flexibility and less wastage which is more important than ever during these times of uncertainty where offices can be forced to close with little warning.



Another thing to consider when choosing between fresh milk and granulated is the cleaning and maintenance of your coffee machine. While coffee purists may perhaps argue that fresh milk in coffee offers a superior taste, they’re probably not the ones who are in charge of cleaning the coffee machine! With fresh milk, coffee machines must be cleaned daily, and it needs to be thorough as bacteria can build in the machine. If not carried out correctly, it does carry a small health risk which is the last thing you need for your office team. With machines that use granulated milk, weekly cleans are sufficient and they take considerably less time.



Granulated milk is more expensive than fresh milk and we understand price is a key consideration, especially if you’re a business that provides free coffee to your team, clients and visitors. You’ll want to weigh up your options as fresh milk coffee machines tend to be more expensive and require more maintenance than that of a machine that uses granulated milk. Overall, it’s probably going to work out more cost-effective opting for granulated, but if you need some help, our team are on hand to help you make the right decision based on your business’s specific requirements. 


Finally, if you’re on a health kick, granulated milk is made from skimmed milk and contains less than 1g of fat and has no artificial flavours or additives. It’s a lower-cal option over semi-skimmed fresh milk. Contact us today to chat about your office coffee requirements to keep your team happy, healthy and hydrated. 

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