Spilling the Beans

Here you can download the latest version of Spilling The Beans. It’s not only our most up-to-date price list, but also an interesting look at everything coffee!

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What is Spilling the Beans?

Twice a year we send out a new price list, but doing that by itself is really boring. As such, we like to have a bit of fun with it and send out something that’s a little bit more than a spreadsheet. As such, Spilling the Beans was born, our take on the latest coffee trends and inspirations on how to make your regular brew even better.

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Autumn/Winter 2023 edition

Issue #05 celebrates the our fantastic range of premium coffees, all of which are sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified farms..

Inside you’ll also find a focus on A5 filter-style coffee machine, which is perfect for black coffee fans who like to enjoy a variety of different beans.

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Spilling The Beans Issue 5

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