Billi tap service & support

Need help to bring your Billi Tap back to a good working condition? The FreshGround team is here to help! Contact us today about our Billi Tap service plans.

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Get the Billi tap support you need today

Whether you’re an existing customer or not, we are here to help. Our service team is made up of highly trained and experienced professionals who are on hand to either service or repair your Billi tap.

Our engineers can assist you with the following services:

Billi Tap installation

Billi Tap maintenance

Repairing broken systems

Replacing filters

Assisting with CO2 cylinder changeover


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Do I need to be a FreshGround customer to have my Billi tap serviced?

No, you do not need to be an existing customer to receive our water tap service and support. We provide Billi Tap support for any office that has a tap and needs servicing.


Arrange service visit

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Billi tap service and repair

We can assist with services or repairs. We can also assist with filter changes.

Billi Tap


It is important to make sure your tap is serviced regularly to ensure it is kept in good condition and continues to perform well for your office.

Billi tap servicing.


Broken Billi tap? We can repair and replace taps that are broken or no longer working. See our range of Billi taps if you require a new water dispenser.

Billi Tap and Mug

Filter changes

We send out filters on a regular basis so that you can change your filter with ease or, if you’re signed up to Complete Care, we can change the filter for you.

Why choose FreshGround to service your Billi tap?

You can expect to receive the following support if you choose FreshGround to service your Billi tap. This includes:

On-site support

Instant repairs

Access to experienced and highly trained professionals

Filters sent out automatically on a regular basis

Excellent customer service – we pride ourselves on our quality service

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Your maintenance plan

As a FreshGround customer, we offer the following two maintenance plans for routine servicing. These will give you peace of mind and ensure your taps are always on.


Reactive service plan to cover the basics *Included with all machines

Reactive call-outs

Pressure vessel testing (as required)

All spare parts (excl. any required due to damage)

Planned machine maintenance

Not included

Scale reduction filters

See shop page

Scale filters changed by us

Not included

Machine recalibration

Not included

Complete Care

Our proactive and reactive, fully inclusive service package

Reactive call-outs

Pressure vessel testing (as required)

All spare parts (excl. any required due to damage)

Planned machine maintenance

Scale reduction filters

Scale filters changed by us

Machine recalibration

Callouts that are deemed to be the result of user negligence are chargeable on both service plans. A call-out fee of £225 is inclusive of the first hour, followed by £50 per 15 min increments thereafter.

There are certain parts that we do not include in service plans. Anything that is cosmetic, or a core component, such as the compressor or internal circuitry, is not covered in our plans. Replacing these items is major repair work, and not part of a routine service.

Customer testimonials

Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about us.

“Install for everything was seamless. Thank you to everyone who helped get us up and running, from Tyrone’s delivery yesterday to Nick and Pat who were awesome, but also to everyone at FreshGround.”

Will Salmon

Office Manager, M7 Real Estate

“We have received multiple praises on the quality and taste being much better than our previous machine. The process to order is simple and straight forward.”

Ray Long

General Manager, BizSpace

“We rely on FreshGround’s back up when there is an issue. The machine is heavily used with over 100 people in our building every day. The self service machine generally looks after itself and provides service for customers and staff.”

Mark Furssedonn

Group Operations Director, Panavision Europe Limited

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Looking for a Zip tap service instead?

So if you need your Zip tap repaired or a filter replacement, we offer Zip tap service and support too.

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Purchase a new Billi tap

Looking to upgrade your existing water solution to a boiling water Billi tap? We have a selection of undercounter Billi taps in our range that you can see below:

Frequently asked questions

How often do I need a Billi tap service?

We recommend your Billi tap should be serviced at least once a year by a trained Billi tap engineer.

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Can I book a service or repair if I am not an existing FreshGround customer?

Yes, even if you are not an existing customer, we are more than happy to provide support and service to your water tap. We will also service other kinds of water taps, such as Zip taps.

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How do I report a fault with my Billi tap?

You can report a fault by filling out the form on our contact page, or alternatively phone us on 020 7553 7900 or email

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How often does the filter need changing in a Billi tap?

We recommend changing the water tap filter every 6 months. As a FreshGround customer, we will automatically send your filter to you so you know when it needs changing. Depending on the size of your office, your Billi tap filter may need changing more or less often.

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We are relocating offices, can you move our existing Billi tap to our new office?

Yes, we are more than happy to relocate your existing Billi tap to your new office.

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