More than a buzzword. FreshGround is mindful of resources and we have sustainable currents running through our business: its facilities, products and operations. Read on to discover more, or download our Environmental Policy today.

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FreshGround’s commitment to sustainability

We care — and know that small ripples can make green waves. That’s why our suppliers, clients and teams all champion sustainable practices. And we’re conscious of nurturing sustainable relationships with local communities; as well as the coffee industry at large.


The Rainforest Alliance

FreshGround’s premium range of coffee beans contains at least 30% content grown and harvested on Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. We proudly work with Rainforest Alliance to invest in sustainable practices and improve farmer livelihoods.

Recycling coffee grounds

What are the sustainable options when it comes to the end waste product of the office coffee process?

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    Recycle the grounds

    The UK produces a quarter of a million tonnes of waste coffee grounds so we encourage our customers to partner with companies like Envar Composting to help reduce this. Envar transforms coffee grounds into fuel logs and soil improvers to create fertilisers and more.

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    Send them off

    Envar composting send off used coffee grounds to their recycling factory in Cambridgeshire

  • Drying out coffee beans

    The process

    The grounds are dried, renewing them for reuse in valuable products to benefit both people and the planet.

    Discover More: The 5 best ways to use old coffee grounds

Energy-efficient coffee machines

All of our coffee machines are rigorously tested to ensure they run efficiently, and come with energy-saving features. This means you’re using much less power than with an office kettle. Our machines keep up to date with sustainable technology — helping you reduce your carbon footprint and meet ESG standards.


We partner with companies that care

Stock your office kitchen and breakout areas with companies that care about sustainability. Browse Galaxy Galaxy, Cadbury, Twinings and Newby Teas below. Or visit Twiningsour store to see all coffee beans, teas, hot chocolate and snacks for your workplace.

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Eco benefits of water dispensers

All of our water dispensers are plumbed-in, rather than bottle-fed. This cuts down on single use plastics, making the water dispensers in your workplace better for the environment, and greatly reduces your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Sustainability in our water dispensers

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Energy saving equipment

Just like our range of office coffee machines, FreshGround’s water dispensers and taps have high-efficiency ratings and energy-saving functionality as standard. Helping the environment, while reducing your energy bill.

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Eliminating single-use plastics

We do not offer water coolers made from single-use plastics (the old-fashioned way). This means no plastics in landfill; plus no emissions caused by bottle production and their transport.

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Reusable cups

All sustainable workplaces need reusable cups and bottles. That’s why we encourage our clients to enjoy their coffee and water, time and time again, without harming the environment in the process.


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Sustainability in facilities and operations

We’ve implemented a number of green initiatives across our offices. Our head office is powered entirely by our on-site solar farm. We have PhotoVoltaic panels on the roof that capture the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity. We’re 100% self-sufficient during office hours and any extra energy, we simply sell back to the grid.

  • Company vehicles

    We’re reducing our carbon footprint and continue to review our travel policy. We promote the use of electric transport and have electric car charging facilities on site. Our company vehicles are in the process of being replaced with either electric or hybrid vehicles in line with Government policy and timelines. Our fleet of technician vehicles is also Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) compliant to reduce the impact on the environment in London and other urban areas.

  • In the office

    In the office, we have installed auto-switch lighting. All of our lighting is activated via motion sensors making us more energy efficient. If no one’s down the far end of the office, we don’t need to turn the lights on! Likewise, there’s no worry about forgetting to hit a light switch, as the system powers down automatically when we’re gone.

  • Packaging

    Our team is committed to operating more sustainability and as such none of our waste goes to landfills. All of our outer packaging is made from FSC accredited recycled cardboard. Any non-environmentally friendly packaging materials have been audited and replaced with recycled and recyclable alternatives, where possible. We have a target to be 100% recyclable.

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Our sustainability ethos

A copy of our Environmental Policy is available upon request. Simply contact Alun Simpson, Head of Legal & Compliance to receive your copy.

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