Coffee & hot chocolate machines for your team

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Commercial hot chocolate machines

  • F3 Egro Qube

    F3 Egro Qube

    • Serves up to 75 people
    • Fresh milk machine
    • Simple to maintain and reliable
    • Rent from just £6.00 per day
  • La Cimbali S15 Coffee Machine

    F4 La Cimbali S15

    • Serves up to 100 people
    • Fresh milk machine
    • Premium machine for mid-sized offices
    • Rent from just £8.86 per day
  • F5 Egro Next

    F5 Egro Next

    • Serves up to 200 people
    • Fresh milk with dairy-free option
    • Modular system, customised for you
    • Rent from just £12.50 per day
  • G2 Krea Touch coffee machine

    G2 Krea Touch

    • Serves up to 100 people
    • Granulated milk with dairy-free option
    • No fridge and minimal cleaning
    • Rent from just £4.64 per day

Want to try a hot chocolate machine in your workplace?

Our coffee and hot chocolate machines are the perfect option for both coffee and non-coffee drinkers. You’ll be able to offer your employees and customers a warming cup of hot chocolate, or a fresh cup of coffee.

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Coffee and hot chocolate machine rental

Flexible rental

Renting your bean-to-cup office coffee machine is easy with FreshGround. We offer short-term contracts that start from just 3 months. Fast growing team? No worries! – with FreshGround you can change or upgrade your coffee machine fuss-free.

High quality

The machines we offer are built to last, this can make them expensive to buy outright, but with rental you can offer your team fantastic bean-to-cup coffee at a fraction of the cost of buying outright. And what’s more – the rental option is tax-deductible too!

Service plans

With all our coffee machine rental options we offer servicing and maintenance as standard, so no hefty call-out charges or unexpected costs. If you have any issues with your bean-to-cup coffee machine then our expert team is on hand to help and to provide friendly, efficient and timely customer service.

Stock up on hot chocolate for your office

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Find out more about commercial coffee and chocolate machines

Find out which hot chocolate and coffee machine is best for you and your team by getting in touch with us to discuss your requirements and arrange a free demo and tasting session with our experts today.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my coffee machine can also make hot chocolate?

Most machines that make hot chocolate have a powder module or hopper added somewhere (usually close to the top of the machine). Depending on the machine you have, it could be a standard feature, or an extra add-on to your setup.

If you get a machine from FreshGround, we’ll be clear from the beginning what drinks it can make. Our website will tell you on the product page what drinks each machine can make too!

Can I use hot chocolate in other drinks too?

Yes! In fact, if your coffee machine can dispense hot chocolate, there’s a good chance that it can make a mocha too. A mocha is a chocolate flavoured coffee, and a much sweeter version of a regular latte.

Is my coffee and hot chocolate machine difficult to clean?

Good news, all of our coffee and hot chocolate machines are very simple to clean. We make sure that the process is largely automated for you, and just require you to press a few buttons and add a cleaning product when prompted. Some machines even run less intensive cleaning processes throughout the day. For more information, check out our coffee machine cleaning guide on the blog.

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