Meet the team

Who are the FreshGround team? Find our friendly faces below! Click an image to read team bios, or filter by department using the bar at the top.

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  • Abbas Seyedan

    Abbas Seyedan

    Showroom Manager

  • Alun Simpson

    Alun Simpson

    Head of HR, Legal & Compliance

  • Amy Elvin

    Amy Elvin

    Sales & Contracts Co-Ordinator

  • Angelo Nardiello

    Angelo Nardiello

    Field Service Technician

  • Anthony Hare

    Anthony Hare

    Marketing Manager

  • Aurelija Mickiene

    Aurelija Mickiene

    Purchasing Executive

  • Balazs Kasz

    Balazs Kasz

    Workshop Technician

  • Béril Akad

    Béril Akad

    Business Development Team Lead

  • Bradley Fryer

    Bradley Fryer

    Senior Researcher

  • Catherine Crawford

    Catherine Crawford

    Field Service Technician

  • Chris Jones

    Chris Jones

    Field Service Engineer

  • Claire Nicholls

    Claire Nicholls

    Finance Manager

  • Clive Barnes

    Clive Barnes

    Client Care Manager

  • Craig Stevenson

    Craig Stevenson

    Technical Support

  • Dale Goodenough

    Dale Goodenough

    Business Research Manager

  • Dan Lyon

    Dan Lyon

    Managing Director

  • David Kiss

    David Kiss

    Account Manager

  • Dean Nicolson

    Dean Nicolson

    Channel Development Manager

  • Doyle Brown

    Doyle Brown

    PM & Client Care Support

  • James Cowley

    James Cowley

    Account Manager

  • Jamie Farrell

    Jamie Farrell

    Field Service Engineer

  • Joe Lewis

    Joe Lewis

    Engineer Coordinator & Support

  • Jordan Durrant

    Jordan Durrant

    Graphic Designer

  • Kimberley Gould

    Kimberley Gould

    Finance Assistant

  • Lyndon Pollard

    Lyndon Pollard

    Field Service Engineer

  • Malcolm Smith

    Malcolm Smith

    Business Development Manager

  • Marco Corsini

    Marco Corsini

    Logistics Technician

  • Melvyn Dunham

    Melvyn Dunham

    Account Manager

  • Morgan Smith

    Morgan Smith

    Finance Systems Consultant

  • Nathan Wheeler

    Nathan Wheeler

    Business Development Manager

  • Nick Harding

    Nick Harding

    Field Service Engineer

  • Otto Desouza

    Otto Desouza

    Field Service Technician

  • Pat Haslett

    Pat Haslett

    Field Service Technician

  • Peter Kellock

    Peter Kellock

    Workshop Manager

  • Piotr Lipski

    Piotr Lipski

    Field Service Engineer

  • Richard Dunham

    Richard Dunham

    Head of Brand

  • Ronan Mulholland

    Ronan Mulholland

    Account Management Team Lead

  • Russell Cowley

    Russell Cowley

    General Manager

  • Ryan Payne

    Ryan Payne

    PPM Engineer

  • Samantha Heffer

    Samantha Heffer

    Finance Assistant

  • Scott Barnes

    Scott Barnes

    Head of Sales

  • Shane Gooden

    Shane Gooden

    Key Account Manager

  • Slav Nowak

    Slav Nowak

    Field Service Engineer

  • Steve Moore

    Steve Moore

    Field Service Engineer

  • Stuart Mills

    Stuart Mills

    Client Care Support

  • Tereza Dixon

    Tereza Dixon

    Credit Controller

  • Tyron Cox

    Tyron Cox

    Logistics Operative

  • Vienna Barnes

    Vienna Barnes

    Sales Follow-up Manager

  • Wyatt Harvey

    Wyatt Harvey

    Field Service Technician

  • Zoe Goodenough

    Zoe Goodenough

    Creative Executive