Touchless coffee machines for your office

These touchless office coffee machines use an app, dedicated web page or similar, where the user can tap their phone to choose their coffee. It will then dispense from the machine, ready for you to pick up. Book your demo and try one today!

Jura JOE coffee machine app on a smartphone

Touchless coffee machines

Have you tried a touchless coffee machine?

Office coffee machines are always evolving, and some even allow you to order coffees directly from your phone.

Just like our other fresh milk machines, these touchless bean-to-cup office coffee machines are an ideal rental option for any coffee-loving workplace. Not much beats the taste of freshly ground coffee beans, especially in the office.

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Touchless coffee machines for the office

In recent years, people are becoming increasingly aware of physical touchpoints around the office. Whilst we all take the greatest of care to keep everything clean, some people prefer the peace of mind offered by a touchless option.

As such, these touchless coffee machines require no physical interaction before the coffee is dispensed. The order is put in via smart phone, so the user only needs to slide their mug into place before their drink is ready.

Touch-free coffee experience

Prepare a delicious espresso-based coffee for your staff and visitors using a bean-to-cup machine. It sets the right impression from the off, and with the extra precision of app-based control, it means you can serve them the drink exactly as they like, to their specifications. It’s a great way to impress every visitor to the office. Now the only choice remaining, is which whole bean coffee to use?

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Touchless coffee machine rental


There’s nothing easier than renting a touchless coffee machine from FreshGround. And with short-term contracts that start from 3 months, we can offer the perfect trial period for you and your office, with options to swap-out or upgrade machines at any point.


Rental makes machines that are expensive to buy outright affordable for just about any office. You’ll get a fantastic touchless coffee machine at a fraction of the cost it would be to own it. Not only that, but the rental option is tax-deductible too!


For extra peach of mind, every touchless coffee machine rental we offer comes with a servicing and maintenance plan. You won’t be lumbered with large call-out costs or unexpected charges, and our expert team is always on hand to keep your coffee flowing. Just call the team!

Frequently asked questions

Can you buy a touchless coffee machine for the office?

It’s definitely a viable option, and there are some benefits to owning the machine outright, especially if you have the upfront payment available.

However, if your circumstances change after you have purchased a machine, there are no easy options to change or upgrade it to accommodate a staff increase, office move, or similar. As such, we recommend a coffee machine rental plan, which offers you a lot of flexibility with your machine.

What's the best coffee to use in my touchless coffee machine?

That’s all down to your personal taste! We have put together a collection of high-quality whole bean coffees especially for offices. Our office team would be more than happy to help you choose a blend, or even host a coffee tasting session for you. Get in touch for more details.

What are the benefits of a touchless bean-to-cup coffee machine?

The main benefit is that you don’t have to touch any part of the machine to dispense a coffee. If you’re worried about surface infection, especially around cold and flu season, then a touchless coffee machine can offer great peace of mind. It also gives the user more time to think about the drink they want, rather than feeling the pressure of a queue when stood directly in front of a machine.

How does a bean to cup coffee machine work?

The majority of the time, a simple button press (or screen tap) is all that you need to do to get your favourite mug of drink. This will cause the machine to grind the coffee, press the grounds, and dispense the perfect cup of coffee every time. If you’ve selected a milky drink, it will add just the right amount of milk too, frothed to perfection. Our engineers handle all of the calibration and specific setting at the point of install, allowing you to make the best drinks every time.

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