Coffee machine in office

Your machine order – what happens next?

Congratulations! You’ve ordered a new coffee machine or water dispenser from FreshGround, and the cogs have started turning to improve...

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man fixing coffee machine with screwdriver

Why has my office coffee machine stopped working?

Has your office coffee machine stopped working? Simple troubleshooting tips to help you out If your business encourages a positive workplace...

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Decommissioning your office coffee machine

Shutting down your coffee or water dispenser for a while

Closing the office for the holidays? You’ll probably want to leave your kitchen equipment off to save energy, especially if you’...

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coffee machine and oat milk

How do I look after my coffee machine?

Are you a facilities manager who’s responsible for keeping your team happy and hydrated? A lot of people now expect barista-style coffee exp...

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Water Waste Power Space

Intro to install video: water, waste, power, space

Before you begin the design and installation process of an office kitchen or tea point, there are four key things to bear in mind when it co...

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Service And Support

Can FreshGround service your equipment?

We are often asked if we can service coffee machines, drinking water taps, and other similar tea point appliances, even if we didn’t i...

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Worker filling up glass using U1 boiling tap

Choosing Your Office Water Dispenser – A GUIDE

Staying hydrated has a direct impact on your team’s health and wellbeing. In the UK, it is recommended we drink 6-8 glasses of water p...

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coffee machine with woman selecting a coffee

Do I have to clean my office coffee machine?

Does your coffee suddenly smell strange? If so, you might want to consider when the last time was that you cleaned your office coffee machin...

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