Premium office coffee machines

Give your team the best with one of FreshGround’s premium office coffee machines. Simple, easy-to-use and with flexible contract options available. Barista-quality coffee is one touch away. Book your demo now.

Coffee Machine at Tea Point
  • F5 Egro Next

    F5 Egro Next

    • Serves up to 400 drinks per day
    • Fresh milk with dairy-free option
    • Modular system, customised for you
    • Rent from just £12.50 per day
  • A5 Egro Touch

    A5 Egro Next Touch

    • Serves up to 400 drinks per day
    • Dedicated black coffee machine
    • Four bean hoppers offer choice
    • Rent from just £11.10 per day
  • Krea Touch with red mug

    G2 Krea Touch

    • Serves up to 200 drinks per day
    • Granulated milk with dairy-free option
    • No fridge and minimal cleaning
    • Rent from just £4.64 per day
  • Egro Qube with red mug

    F3 Egro Qube

    • Serves up to 150 drinks per day
    • Fresh milk machine
    • Simple to maintain and reliable
    • Rent from just £6.00 per day
  • La Cimbali S15 Coffee Machine

    F4 La Cimbali S15

    • Serves up to 200 drinks per day
    • Fresh milk machine
    • Premium experience for mid-size offices
    • Rent from just £8.86 per day
  • F4 Egro Zero

    F4 Egro Zero

    • Serves up to 250 drinks per day
    • Fresh milk machine
    • Fast dispense with consistent quality
    • Rent from just £7.43 per day
  • F3 Jura GIGA X

    F3 Jura GIGA X

    • Serves up to 150 drinks per day
    • Fresh milk machine
    • Dual bean hoppers offer choice
    • Rent from just £7.14 per day
  • P3 Bunn ICB

    P3 Bunn ICB

    • 5L brew capacity
    • Ideal for high-capacity areas
    • Can brew full-batch or half-batch
    • Rent from just £2.29 per day
  • P2 Bunn SmartWAVE

    P2 Bunn SmartWAVE

    • 2.5L brew capacity
    • Ideal for medium-capacity areas
    • Compact with a low-profile
    • Rent from just £1.50 per day

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The perks of having an office coffee machine

Fancy sipping delicious barista-style coffees at work? The perks of a premium office coffee machine are more than just great coffee.

  • Coffee shows you care

    Giving your team an exceptional coffee experience shows you care. The more valued they feel, the more productive they’re likely to be. Plus it can help you attract and retain top talent.

  • Boost office wellbeing

    Coffee makes feel good and collaborative. Think how many brilliant conversations start with coffee? Surveys reveal that coffee can help to boost employee wellbeing, increase engagement and productivity.

  • Less waste – premium taste

    FreshGround’s range of coffee machines are a more sustainable choice for your office than alternative coffee machines that use single-use plastic capsules or pods. It’s about less waste and premium taste.

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What do our customer say?


We’re ready to make workplace coffee easy for you.

“We have had FreshGround’s coffee at our office for over two years and have to say the customer service is amazing.”

Zuber Bham

Office Manager, Fine Writing Pens of London

“FreshGround supply great machines. We have an office of over 100 people and the machines are used a lot by staff. Great customer service. Outstanding products.”

Samantha Gallagher

Secretary, CBRE

“Machine is one touch so easy to use. Happy staff are more productive. Ordering supplies is easy and FreshGround have never failed to deliver next day.”

Mick Jones

Facilities Manager, Shipleys LLP

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Frequently asked questions

Which is the right coffee machine for our office?

We offer a range of coffee machines to suit every type and size of workplace. Machine recommendations are based on the number of people in an office. The larger the office, the larger the machine needed to cater for the workplace. Our coffee machine comparison page can also help you select the right machine and package for your needs.

Also you can browse dairy-free and dual-milk options for your office.

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Are the machines quick and simple to use?

Yes, all our machines are straightforward and simple to operate. Our machines ensure employees access to fresh coffee in an instant, avoiding crowding in kitchen areas and improving waiting times. Our contactless and one-touch machines are even more effortless to use.

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Are coffee machines easy to clean?

All of our coffee machines can be easily wiped down in seconds. We even offer coffee machine cleaning kits to help sanitise appliances with ease and help keep them pristine. Check out our ultimate guide on how to clean your coffee machine.

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Where can a coffee machine be installed in the office?

Our coffee machines do not have to be installed in the kitchen, they can be installed almost anywhere in an office you want the machine to be. Discover our gallery of installations for inspiration!

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Are coffee machines sustainable?

Our coffee machines offer a more sustainable option in the workplace for hot drinks. Not only will it help employees save on money by supplying them with their morning coffee in the office, but it also means your workforce will be minimising waste by scrapping single-use plastic cups.

Many machines, especially domestic machines, are turning to capsules to make their coffee – this creates non-recyclable waste. Bean to cup machines use no additional packaging with each cup, as it is ground fresh each time, and for those who love gardening, the coffee grounds make excellent fertiliser – a brilliant recycling plan!

Furthermore, our coffee is made from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, meaning you can have your morning coffee knowing you and your employees are helping support coffee growers and their communities.

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Scrumptious stories from the world of coffee (plus tips for your workplace).

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Does your coffee suddenly smell strange? If so, you might want to consider when the last time was that you cleaned your office coffee machin…

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