F range: Fresh milk bean-to-cup office coffee machines

Our fresh milk, bean-to-cup office coffee machines are the perfect coffee machine rental option for almost any coffee-loving office. However, if you’re not sure, one of our expert team will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Up to 200 people

F5 Egro Next

F5 Plus Egro Next

Our top of the line F5 Plus machine offers the outstanding quality of the F5 Egro One, but with an innovative 10-inch HD touchscreen interface that completes the experience.


Up to 175 people

F5 Egro One

F5 Egro One

With best-in-class espresso, a pumped milk system, and a wide range of innovative optional extras, this machine delivers consistency and precision on another level.


Up to 125 people

F4 Egro Zero

F4 Egro Zero

Dispensing truly top-quality espresso-based drinks with the addition of hot chocolate, the F4 is a fast, consistent machine, perfect for medium to larger offices.


Up to 75 people

F3 Jura GIGA X

F3 Jura GIGA X

A great all-rounder. Compact, attractive, and with single- and dual-bean models, your staff will never need to pop out for great coffee again. Touch-free coffee with Jura JOE app.


Up to 25 people

F2 Jura XJ9

A stylish and compact machine, the F2 provides the perfect
entry for smaller offices to fresh-milk, fresh-bean office coffee.


A range: Bean-to-cup filter-style office coffee machines

Filter-style coffee without the extended brewing times! The A range offers amazing filter-style coffee in a convenient bean-to-cup office coffee machine fashion. Enjoy filter-style coffee served cup-by-cup in seconds.

Up to 200 people

A5 Egro Next Touch

A5 Egro Next Touch

Delivering the best in design and technology, the A5 Egro is the most innovative, fully automatic, filter coffee machine on the market.


G range: Granulated milk bean-to-cup office coffee machines

Offices looking for fresh-bean coffee, but with the convenience of granulated milk, love renting our granulated milk bean-to-cup coffee machines.

Up to 50 people

G1 Max Prime

G1 Necta Koro Max Prime

One-touch fresh-bean coffee with the convenience of granulated milk, this machine delivers superb coffee.


P range: Pour-over filter coffee machines for the office

Our pour-over coffee machines are perfect for business hospitality and meeting rooms. All our machines are set up to the FreshGround office coffee standard, enabling you to brew great-tasting filter coffee with minimum fuss.

P3 Bunn ICB

P3 Bunn ICB

The P3 filter brewer is ideal for keeping the coffee flowing in high-capacity areas, and has a choice of brew sizes.

P2 Bunn SmartWAVE

P2 Bunn SmartWAVE

Extremely compact and simple to use, the P2’s SmartWAVE technology delivers superb filter coffee at the touch of a button.


The perks of having an office coffee machine

The secret to a great cup of coffee? It’s simple. Start with great coffee beans. With our bean-to-cup coffee machines, you can enjoy fresh and delicious barista-style coffees at work – certain to get your day off to the very best of starts!

Show them you care

If your team cares about having a quality coffee experience at work, then you should too. A bean-to-cup coffee machine can go along way in showing your team you value them, and a simple office perk like this can make all the difference in attracting and keeping top talent.

Office wellbeing

Just think how many new ideas, great conversations, productive meetings all start with the words, “let’s get a coffee”? The coffee break is a vital part of office culture, so don’t settle for anything less than the best! Surveys have even proven that coffee can help to boost employee wellbeing, increase engagement and up productivity.

Less waste – premium taste

FreshGround’s range of coffee machines are a more sustainable choice for your office than alternative coffee machines that use single-use plastic capsules or pods. And with our greener bean-to-cup machines, you simply can’t beat the taste of a hot cup of coffee made with freshly ground, premium-grade coffee beans.

Read our latest customer reviews


Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about us.

We have had FreshGround’s coffee at our office for over two years and have to say the customer service is amazing.

Zuber Bham

Office Manager, Fine Writing Pens of London

FreshGround supply great machines. We have an office of over 100 people and the machines are used a lot by staff. Great customer service. Outstanding products.

Samantha Gallagher

Secretary, CBRE

Machine is one touch so easy to use. Happy staff are more productive. Ordering supplies is easy and FreshGround have never failed to deliver next day.

Mick Jones

Facilities Manager, Shipleys LLP

Frequently asked questions

Which is the right coffee machine for our office?

We offer a range of coffee machines to suit every type and size of workplace. Machine recommendations are based on the number of people in an office. The larger the office, the larger the machine needed to cater for the workplace. Our coffee machine comparison page can also help you select the right machine and package for your needs.

Also you can consider options to make your coffee machine choices more interesting, such as Vegan milk choices, cold foamed drinks, and perfect black coffees. Check out our new ideas page to find more.

Are the machines quick and simple to use?

Yes, all our machines are straightforward and simple to operate. Our machines ensure employees access to fresh coffee in an instant, avoiding crowding in kitchen areas and improving waiting times. Our contactless and one-touch machines are even more effortless to use.

Are coffee machines easy to clean?

All of our coffee machines can be easily wiped down in seconds. We even offer coffee machine cleaning kits to help sanitise appliances with ease and help keep them pristine. Check out our ultimate guide on how to clean your coffee machine.

Where can a coffee machine be installed in the office?

Our coffee machines do not have to be installed in the kitchen, they can be installed almost anywhere in an office you want the machine to be. Discover our gallery of installations for inspiration!

Are coffee machines sustainable?

Our coffee machines offer a more sustainable option in the workplace for hot drinks. Not only will it help employees save on money by supplying them with their morning coffee in the office, but it also means that your workforce will be creating less waste by not purchasing single-use coffee cups.

Many machines, especially domestic machines, are turning to capsules to make their coffee – this creates non-recyclable waste. Bean to cup machines use no additional packaging with each cup, as it is ground fresh each time, and for those who love gardening, the coffee grounds make excellent fertiliser – a brilliant recycling plan!

Furthermore, our coffee is made from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, meaning you can have your morning coffee knowing you and your employees are helping support coffee growers and their communities.

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