alt milk

Oat milk vs almond milk vs coconut milk – what’s best?

There’s no denying the rise in popularity of plant-based or alt-milk drinks in the UK and across the world. More of us are exploring various...

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Ben Nevis Charity Climb

FreshGround raises £1,970 for GOSH

They did! FreshGround has conquered the second peak of the year, with Head of Sales, Scott Barnes, and his two sons completing the ascent of...

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latte art

What are the benefits of drinking coffee?

A simple Google search will show there’s no shortage of benefits to drinking coffee. Boasting various health-boosting qualities, it also has...

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ice cubes

Top three tips keep cool in the office this summer

The UK recently recorded its hottest day on record ever. On July 19th 2022, the temperature in Lincolnshire rose to a blistering 40.3C. With...

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Pouring water over coffee|

Why Does My Coffee Taste Bad?

Ever gone to your pour-over coffee machine to grab a cup in the office only to realise it tastes really bad? It’s one of the worst ways to s...

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oats with spoon

Spotlight on oat milk. Why is oat milk so popular?

More people than ever are switching to vegan diets and opting for foods that are more sustainably produced. This shift in consumer behaviour...

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cup with coffee beans

Bean to cup coffee machine vs vending machine

Is your team asking for a quality cup of coffee at work? If you’re a facilities manager or an office manager, part of your role is to take c...

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coffee beans in the shape of a heart

What’s the healthiest coffee to drink?

We’ve come a long way from cups of instant coffee to enjoying barista-style coffees today in the office. Many of us now expect to be offered...

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cup of coffee

How much does an office coffee machine cost in 2022?

Are you thinking of providing your team with a barista-quality coffee experience in the office? If so, you’ll likely be looking at bean to c...

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Thanks for joining us on our martini evening

We had a blast at our espresso martini evening event! Thank you to everyone who came along, it was great to see you all.

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red cup of coffee with lots of coffee beans around it

The coffee bean journey explained – from crop to cup

Understand the entire journey of the coffee bean from where it’s grown, the process and how it reaches your office coffee cup in our g...

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coffee machine

How sustainable is my coffee machine at work?

The coffee industry as a whole is making great strides in becoming more sustainable. The British Coffee Association specifically are working...

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