Egro coffee machines for your office

Egro bean-to-cup coffee machines are perfect for large offices, capable of serving up to 200 people thanks to their high capacity output. Schedule your demo today.

Egro Next in kitchen
  • F5 Egro Next

    F5 Egro Next

    • Serves up to 400 drinks per day
    • Fresh milk with dairy-free option
    • Modular system, customised for you
    • Rent from just £12.50 per day
  • A5 Egro Touch

    A5 Egro Next Touch

    • Serves up to 400 drinks per day
    • Dedicated black coffee machine
    • Four bean hoppers offer choice
    • Rent from just £11.10 per day
  • F4 Egro Zero

    F4 Egro Zero

    • Serves up to 250 drinks per day
    • Fresh milk machine
    • Fast dispense with consistent quality
    • Rent from just £7.43 per day
  • Egro Qube with red mug

    F3 Egro Qube

    • Serves up to 150 drinks per day
    • Fresh milk machine
    • Simple to maintain and reliable
    • Rent from just £6.00 per day

High performance Egro coffee machines for the office

With an Egro machine in your office, the number of choices at your fingertips are almost endless. Enjoy a cortado or ristretto, and if you add the powder module, even a mocha or hot chocolate! An Egro F5 Next for example can be programmed to deliver dozens and dozens of unique drinks.

Just a single tap is all you need for your Egro coffee machine to dispense the perfect hot drink. It’s a sure fire way to ensure the entire team is kept happy, as everyone is able to pick their favourite coffees just the way they like it.


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Why switch to an Egro coffee machine?

Keeping your team happy is obviously the main reason to upgrade to an Egro coffee machine, but it will also leave a lasting impression on your guests too. Any visitor can be offered a barista quality coffee that is prepared and ready in seconds. Pair your machine with one of our office-ready whole bean coffee blends, and they’re guaranteed to enjoy a high-quality experience in their cup.

If you’re looking after the needs of a medium to large office, then an Egro coffee machine really is the way to go. These machines are made for dispensing high volumes of drinks that remain at a consistently high quality, cup after cup after cup. The F5 Egro Next can support a team of up to 200 people, whereas the F4 Egro Zero is more suited to around 125 or so. However big your team is, we’ll be more than happy to help when it comes to selecting the right machine.


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Rent an Egro coffee machine today

Looking to have an Egro coffee machine for the office? Rental could be the best way to go.

  • Simplicity

    Enjoy a hassle free coffee experience by choosing a rental plan for your Egro coffee machine. It’s the easiest and most cost effective way to get setup with one of these luxury coffee machines. And better still, the rental is tax deductible too!

  • Quality

    From the minute your Egro machine is installed, you’ll be able to see that it is an impressive piece of kit. Of course, you’ll also realise why it would be very expensive to purchase outright! It’s another big benefit of rental, making this premium coffee machine affordable.

  • Service

    On the rare occasion that your Egro coffee machine experiences an issue, all of our rental agreements include a servicing and maintenance package. This means you won’t be hit with any sudden repair costs or call-out charges, and ensures any issues are fixed fast.

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Find out more about Egro coffee machines

Get in touch with the FreshGround team today! We are very happy to talk to you more about Egro coffee machines, or any other piece of office kitchen or tea point equipment. Call us or email us and a member of the team will get back to you ASAP. Let’s sort out the coffee for your workplace today.


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Frequently asked questions

Can you buy an Egro coffee machine for the office?

Purchasing and owning a machine outright does have it’s advantages, especially if you have the cash available to make such an expensive purchase.

It does however come with several drawbacks that you don’t get with one of our rental plans. For example, when you own the machine you lose the flexibility of simply being able to regrade your machine as your business needs change.

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What coffee is best for my Egro machine?

All of our Egro coffee machines use whole bean coffee in their hoppers. But other than that, the choice of which bean to use comes down to your own tastes and preferences. We can help there too, with our online resources (such as our coffee guide) as well as our hosted Coffee Experience Sessions at our London office.

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How big are Egro coffee machines?

The Egro coffee machines are amongst the biggest in our fleet, the the F5 Egro Next measuring an impressive 300 x 575 x 770mm. There are several options on how to accommodate this machine and its accompanying fresh milk fridge in your setup. If you’re unsure whether or not an Egro machine will fit in your kitchen, simply contact the team today, and they’ll be happy to take a look for you.

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How does an Egro coffee machine work?

Egro machines are bean-to-cup, meaning they grind coffee beans, press the grounds, and then run just the right amount of water through the coffee to create the perfect strength drink. And it does all this with a single tap. It’s quite clever really! Your machine will be calibrated and fine tuned to the optimal settings at install by our engineers, leaving you to enjoy the coffee, just as you like it.

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