Water dispensers and services for universities

Are you a university in need of water facilities for students, staff and visitors? From servicing your drinking taps to large scale machine installation, FreshGround can get you up and running in no time.

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What FreshGround can offer universities

Partner with FreshGround for an all-in-one water and hydration solution for your university facilities. From water coolers to boiling water taps, we’re equipped to offer the full package of spec, installation and maintenance at the scale you need.

One stop shop

FreshGround offers every service you need when it comes to campus hydration. We keep the water flowing.

Service promise

With an 85% first-time fix rate, you can rely on our experienced engineers to come prepared for the job.

Infection control

We’re constantly investing in new technologies to keep you protected. It’s not just safety, it’s peace of mind.

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Water dispenser options for universities

Hydration is essential when it comes to maintaining concentration and focus. As such, we understand how important it is for universities to provide easy access to drinking water throughout the day. We offer many solutions that fit all spaces and situations.

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CPC framework supplier

FreshGround is excited to announce that we are part of the Crescent Purchasing Consortium framework. This makes us one of a select number of suppliers who can provide water dispenser services to over 5,000 university and education settings throughout the UK.


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85% first-time fix rate – we’re a reliable service partner for universities

Our skilled and experienced engineers carry a full stock of parts in their vans. As such, you’ll never hear the dreaded words that we’ll “have to order that part in” as the team will already have it to hand. That’s how we can say with confidence that in the vast majority of cases, it will only take our techs a single visit to sort the issue.

We offer an Essentials reactive maintenance package, that includes regular servicing and call-outs, as well as a Complete Care pro-active package, that ensures your machine stays in the best condition between services.

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Sustainability – we’re set to banish single-use plastics

We tick all the boxes in terms of energy-saving efforts and corporate responsibility, so instead of talking about that, we’d like to focus on our fight against single-use plastics. We’ve already taken them our of our dispensers (which are mains-fed), but now we’re looking at ways to take remove them for the end-user as well. We’re looking at innovative technologies that encourage the use of reusable drinks bottles at the water dispenser.

Rinse and sanitise personal drinks bottles

Don’t worry about lingering tastes, off-putting odours, or growing bacteria on your drinks bottle. We’re looking at options that completely service personal drinks bottles to ensure they’re always suitable for a refill.

Supply and dispense reusable bottles

Misplaced your drinks bottle or need a new one? Again, we’re looking at machines that can dispense a new bottle to encourage users to reuse what they have, rather than rely on single-use receptacles.

Eliminate single-use plastics from circulation

We’ve already removed single-use plastics from our dispensers, but now we need to do more to remove them from everyday use. We’re looking to solve this problem through innovations in our products.

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Sustainability and your water – how we can help

Looking for a sustainable option for your campus water supplies? All of FreshGround’s dispensers are mains connected, ensuring you enjoy fresh filtered water, without the wastefulness of single-use plastic bottles.

Not only that, but we employ a circular economy with our machines. Anything that is returned to us is either responsibly recycled, or refurbished to be used again.

Why FreshGround?

Founded over 40 years ago, FreshGround are experts in supplying everything you need to keep teams refreshed and ensure office wellbeing is at its best. We focus on key areas that allows us to provide the best customer experience possible.

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Whilst not explicitly about water, it’s where the FreshGround story began. We know how important quality is to our customers.

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We’ll work closely with you and your team to determine which machines suit your needs the best, and how we can install them.

Service And Support


Every installation comes with a service plan that covers the essentials. You can rest assured that we keep the water flowing.

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Our values

We own a set of five core values that underpin everything we do, and the way we do it.

Think simplicity

Always look for ways to reduce complexity and make things easier. We improve our customers’ experience by removing unnecessary complications. We’re all about consistency and efficiency, and we make everything as straightforward as we can.

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Communicate with clarity

Never assume – keep people in the picture, even if it’s not what they want to hear. We’re clear. We’re concise. We keep our customers in the picture, and we take the time to explain things properly so there’s no room for confusion.

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Be proactive

Don’t just wait for things to happen – make them happen! We’re forward thinking and take the initiative to do things better. We check in with our customers just to make sure everything’s ok and we’ll always step up when we need to.

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Focus on the customer

Understand what they need and why, and deliver more than they expect. Nothing is more important than putting our customers first. We’re committed to doing what’s right, and we take great pride in delivering on our promises.

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Be part of a positive team

Engage in supportive collaboration to make happy customers. Our company would be nothing without our people. With a shared passion for great coffee, our dynamic team delivers exceptional customer experiences.

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“FreshGround supply great machines. We have an office of over 100 people and the machines are used a lot by staff. Great customer service. Outstanding products.”

Samantha Gallagher

Secretary, CBRE

“We tried a number of suppliers, but FreshGround came out on top for customer service, quality machines and a great tasting product.”

Richard Cairns

Facilities Manager, Everton Football Club

“We rely on FreshGround’s back up when there is an issue. The machine is heavily used with over 100 people in our building every day. The self service machine generally looks after itself and provides service for customers and staff.”

Mark Furssedonn

Group Operations Director, Panavision Europe Limited

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