Sparkling water taps and dispensers

Our sparkling water taps are a sophisticated and handy addition to any workplace. At the touch of a button, your colleagues and clients will be able to enjoy a glass of refreshing sparkling water. Available in a range of stylish and compact options, we’re confident there’s a dispenser to complement any office space.

All of our sparkling water taps also deliver filtered chilled water and some offer boiling water. Keeping hydrated at work doesn’t have to be a chore. Available in a range of finishes and colours, these stylish taps will elevate and enhance any office kitchen or breakout area.

Up to 60 people

T1 Undercounter Tap

T1 Borg & Overström u1

Cutting-edge functionality with minimalistic design, the T1 Borg & Overström chilled, ambient and sparkling u1 tap delivers the latest in office water dispenser technology.


Up to 60 people

T2 Undercounter Tap

T2 Borg & Overström u2

Add a touch of class to your workspace with the T2 Borg & Overström u2. Perfect for filling meeting room bottles, this tap offers chilled, ambient and sparkling water.


Up to 60 people

T4 Zip Classic Plus Sparkling tap

T4 Zip Classic Plus Sparkling Tap

Push a button and the T4 Zip Classic Plus Sparkling tap system dispenses a cool stream of sparkling water. It’s also equipped with filtered chilled and boiling water too.


Up to 60 people

T3 / T4 Billi Quadra

T4 Billi Quadra Sparkling

Incredibly compact and available in a range of colours and finishes, the T4 Billi tap delivers filtered chilled, boiling and sparkling water.


Up to 60 people

T5 Zip Classic Plus All In One

T5 Zip Classic Plus All In One Tap

Install the T5 Zip Classic Plus All In One and all of your office water needs will be met. It dispenses filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, but also acts as a regular hot and cold water tap.


Up to 100 people

T5 Billi Quadra Plus

T5 Billi Quadra Plus Tap

A five-in-one system, this tap is ideal for kitchens with no hot water supply, and has a separate faucet for boiling, chilled and sparkling.


Up to 20 people

W2 Dispenser

W2 Borg & Overström b4

Available as floor-standing or countertop, and in a range of colours, the Borg & Overström b4 has the tallest dispense height of any cooler in its class.


Save on time and single-use plastic

Waiting for the kettle to boil or making umpteen trips to the fridge is far from economical. When you consider the average office worker will consume a couple of drinks per day, our sparkling water dispensers for your office seem like an even better idea for productivity. And don’t forget many of our sparkling water taps also dispense boiling and chilled water, meaning a hot cup of tea or coffee is only moments away.

With filtered and carbonated water ready to go in the office, you’ll be saving on single-use plastic cups and bottles too. Reusable bottles and keep cups can be refilled time and time again, meaning you’ll reduce your carbon footprint while staying hydrated. You’ll forget about your noisy fed water cooler in no time, promise.

Did we mention all our kitchen taps are also extremely energy efficient? Thermodynamic heat-exchange technology makes recovering and reusing heat energy possible, and high-performance insulation holds water temperature, saving even more energy. Meaning there’s no need to compromise the environment for filtered water for your team.

Worried about space?

Gone are the days of bulky floor-standing water coolers. Our minimal sparkling water taps mean there’s no need to worry about another kitchen appliance cluttering your workspace. Our undercounter water taps will keep your countertops looking clean and professional. Or if you’ve got a little more room in your kitchen then a countertop dispenser could be for you. Delivering instant, boiling, chilled and sparkling water with a single push of a button. How refreshing.

We have a range of sparkling water taps to suit smaller office spaces (up to 60 people), or larger office spaces (up to 100 people).

Adjust your sparkling water to your team’s liking

Our sparkling water taps allow you to adjust the carbonated water to your team’s personal taste. With fully adjustable controls up to 5 bar of CO2 pressure, you can tweak your drinking water with ease.

Rent a sparkling water tap from FreshGround

Renting a sparkling water tap from FreshGround has many benefits for you and your team.

Short-term, flexible contracts

We won’t tie you in for long periods of time – our minimum contract length is just three months, and we offer full flexibility, if you need to change or upgrade your water tap you can with us, no-fuss, we promise.

High quality sparkling water taps

We only offer high-quality, top-end sparkling water taps. We believe in providing only the very best products that last. Quality requires investment though, which is why we offer rental agreements rather than selling these taps to you outright. The initial outlay can be rather costly, and we don’t want anything to stop you from having the best water supply for your office. The rental option is tax-deductible too.

No sneaky extra costs

We won’t charge you extra for servicing and maintenance, as everything is already included in the rental costs. There’ll be no call-out charges or unexpected costs as long as you take care of the dispenser. If you have any questions about your sparkling water tap, then our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is on hand to resolve your query.

Test the waters with a free demo

If you’re not convinced a sparkling water tap is going to make much difference to your office environment, then why not give a free demo a go? We’re confident we’ll impress you enough for you to go for a no-fuss, flexible, full-service contract.

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