Sparkling water taps for offices

Elevate your office with sparkling water taps. Easy-to-use, reliable and free from single-use plastics — browse below to wow your workplace in one move. Or Book a demo

Commercial sparkling water dispenser rental

Our premium Borg & Overström, Billi and Zip water dispensers are available to rent from just £0.96 per day. How’s that for some sparkling savings?

The benefits really sparkle

  • Sustainability — no single-use plastics used.
  • Hydration and wellness.
  • Refreshingly crisp taste.
  • Compact design means no countertop clutter.
  • Builds an inclusive work culture.
  • Values and inspires your team.


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Scrap single-use plastics

Looking to build a sustainable workplace? FreshGround’s sparkling water taps eliminate single-use plastics because they are mains-fed, not bottle-fed. And each tap’s stand-by mode conserves power during set non-use periods.

For our boiling water taps, the thermodynamic heat-exchange technology reuses heat energy – and high-performance insulation holds water temperature – meaning energy is used mindfully.

Discover about FreshGround’s commitment to sustainability.


Finding the perfect taps for your team

We’re experts at matching water dispensers to your team’s needs. We have a range of options that suit small office spaces (from 30 people) up to larger office spaces (more than 100 people). Plus, our sparkling water taps also come with adjustable CO2 pressure, meaning you can even adjust how much your bubbles pop.


Improve your office experience

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Why FreshGround?

  • Short-term, flexible rental contracts

    Our short-term contracts start at 3 months — meaning you can start with a low-commitment. You’re also free to adjust your contract’s length and water dispensers anytime.

  • Premium quality and reliability

    Our Borg & Overström, Billi and Zip taps are premium quality, offering sparkling, chilled, ambient and boiling water options. Combined with our servicing, your water will always be flowing.

  • Servicing and support

    When you start renting with us, our servicing team are by your side and just one call away. If you have any questions — please email, call 020 7553 7900 or take a look at our service plans.

  • Test the waters with a free demo

    Looking to test the water? A free demo is the best way to get started.


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