Filter coffee machines

Our pour-over office coffee machines are perfect for business hospitality and meeting rooms. All our machines are set up to the FreshGround office coffee standard, enabling you to brew great-tasting filter coffee with minimum fuss.

P2 Bunn SmartWAVE

P2 Bunn SmartWAVE

Extremely compact and simple to use, the P2’s SmartWAVE technology delivers superb filter coffee at the touch of a button.

P3 Bunn ICB

P3 Bunn ICB

The P3 filter brewer is ideal for keeping the coffee flowing in high-capacity areas, and has a choice of brew sizes.


Best filter coffee machine for the office

If you are looking for the best pour-over filter coffee maker for your office, you’ve come to the right place! Here at FreshGround we live and breathe coffee. We can help you find the right filter coffee machine for your office.

For high capacity areas the P3 Bunn ICB is the perfect choice. It enables you to brew 2.5L or 5L of filter coffee at a time. For a compact, and easy-to-use filter coffee machine, you can’t go wrong with the P2 Bunn SmartWAVE machine. This machine is so easy to use, all you need to do is pour the ground coffee in and let the machine do the rest!

Filter coffee machine rental


Renting your filter office coffee machine is easy with FreshGround. Our short-term, flexible contracts start at just 3 months. If your team grows too big for your coffee machine then you can quickly and easily upgrade to a larger capacity machine without any hassle. Our customer experience team is always just a call or an email away, and will always strive to make sure you get the most from your contract.


As we are all about offering the highest quality filter coffee machines for businesses, it should come to no surprise that our machines are built to last. This can make them expensive to purchase outright, but with our flexible and inexpensive rental agreements you can still offer your team and customers the very best filter coffee day in day out. Our rental agreements are tax deductible too.


As standard, all of our rental agreements include servicing and maintenance. This means no high call-out charges or other unexpected added costs. If you have any problems with your machine then our friendly and efficient customer services team will be able to help you get everything working smoothly again, so you can enjoy that lovely cup of coffee at your desk – day after day.

Frequently asked questions

Are filter coffee machines worth it?

Filter coffee machines excel in certain situations where other coffee machines might not be so well suited. For example, if you need to prepare a large volume of coffee to share out between a room full of people, then a filter coffee machine is the ideal solution. As such they’re great for meeting rooms, conferences, and other events.

In a typical office environment where people tend to make themselves a drink as and when it suits them, a bean-to-cup coffee machine would most likely be more suitable.

What coffee do you use in a filter coffee machine?

Filter coffee machines use pre-ground beans, usually referred to as filter coffee. You can buy whole bean coffee and grind it yourself, or just buy filter coffee that’s ready to go in the machine straight from the pack.

Is drip coffee the same as filter coffee?

Yes, drip coffee is another term for filter coffee. They are exactly the same drink, with the term “drip coffee” referring to the slow trickle of coffee that pours into the jug as water travels through the coffee grounds and filter paper. Another term for filter is “pour over coffee”, which again, refers to the brewing method of pouring water over the coffee grounds.

What is the difference between filter coffee and americano?

The brewing process for the two drinks is completely different. An americano is made by diluting a shot of espresso with water. Filter coffee on the other hand is made when you pour water over ground coffee and allow it to filter through, dripping out the other side as coffee.

How much filter coffee should I use in my machine?

60 grams of coffee to one litre of water is a good starting point. This will create a filter coffee that most people will enjoy. Of course, it’s not a hard and fast rule, and is a formula that can be tweaked to your own personal tastes.

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