takeaway coffee

Why is a takeaway coffee so expensive?

Many of us enjoy picking up a takeaway coffee each morning to kickstart the day, but with the rise in our cost of living, you may be wonderi...

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Coffee machine making cup of coffee

Hiring vs purchasing a coffee machine – benefits and disadvantages

Should you purchase a coffee machine outright or hire one instead? We go through the benefits and disadvantages to help you decide.

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Three key ways of improving the sense of belonging in the workplace

43% of people feel lonely in the workplace. In this piece we go through how every business can prioritise belonging in the workplace.

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Egro Next coffee machine in kitchen

What are the benefits of premium coffee machines over cheaper versions?

Understand why it's best to opt for a premium coffee machine and how in the long run, it is a more cost effective option for your office.

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cold brew coffee

How to make cold brew coffee in the office

Refreshing cold brew coffee hits a sweet spot in spring. Here's an easy recipe to make in-office.

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What is the perfect coffee temperature?

Pairing the perfect coffee temperature with your brews levels up your tasting experience.

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How does a bean to cup coffee machine work?

Understand the different types of coffee machine and why a bean to cup coffee machine is the right thing for you and your team.

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Water cooler vs water dispenser – what’s best?

Find out whether a water cooler or a water tap is best for your office. Understand the differences in order to make your decision.

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Abbas at FreshGround CoffeeCafe, with a SCA Coffee Wheel

What happens at a coffee tasting?

Visit our CoffeeCafe to try magnificent coffee, meet ingenious coffee machines and start elevating your workplace culture.

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stressed woman

‘Preventing the cut, not dressing the wound’ – it’s time for holistic health in the workplace

Workplace wellness initiatives ignore holistic health by targeting stress symptoms, rather than the source. Discover a better way.

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oat milk

Is oat milk healthier than regular milk?

The oat milk vs dairy milk debate. We reveal the health differences to help your team stock your office properly.

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5 ESG trends to take seriously in 2024

From full transparency and reporting to looking beyond carbon — here are 5 ESG trends that matter for your business this year.

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