white kitchen with coffee machine in an office

Recommissioning your office coffee machine or water dispenser (January 2024)

Find out how to quickly and easily recommission your office coffee machine and water dispenser after a period of downtime.

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coffees to make this halloween

5 deliciously spooky coffees to make this Halloween

From pumpkin spiced cups to misery mochas and blood moon lattes – discover 5 spooky and scrumptious coffees to warm you up this Halloween.

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Kingsley Napley London

Case study: Kingsley Napley, London

Kingsley Napley is an internationally recognised law firm based in Central London. Many of their lawyers are leaders in their field and thei...

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Candy floss iced latte

Iced Candy Floss Latte – recipe video

  Try a flavour from the fairground with our iced candy floss latte! Just try not to eat all of the candy floss before you make the dri...

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Lumanity kitchen video preview

Case study: Lumanity, London

FreshGround teamed up with HOP Interiors from the start of the process. Based on Lumanity’s requirements, we supplied an F5 Egro Next coffee...

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Iced Dirty Chai Latte video

Dairy-free Iced Dirty Chai Latte – recipe video

  Fancy something a little different? You should give a dairy-free iced dirty chai latte a go (try saying that really fast three times!...

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Caramel Wafer Oat Latte recipe video

Caramel Wafer Oat Latte – recipe video

  There’s nothing quite like this caramel wafer oat latte. It’s so sweet and perfect for a warm afternoon!It’s a dodd...

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Oreo O’s Oat Latte – recipe video

  Fancy adding something a little different to your coffee? Do you love Oreo’s? Well how about trying the Oreo O’s oat iced...

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Orange coffee with video play button

Orange Coffee – recipe video

 Have you tried this orange coffee? It’s refreshingly unique, that’s for sure! It’s also a great way to stay happy, h...

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glass of water with ice and mint

5 thirst-quenching sparkling water recipes

Thirsty? Then discover our top 5 refreshing recipes for sparkling water-based drinks in the office.

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Caramel Apple Latte video thumbnail

Caramel Apple Latte – winter drinks video series

 It’s the last of our winter warmer drinks! We’ve made a scrumptious caramel apple latte which is proving to be a massive h...

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Nutella Mocha

Nutella mocha – winter drinks video series

 It’s the second of our winter warmer drinks! We’ve made a delicious Nutella mocha using our favourite chocolate hazelnut s...

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