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The art of coffee: what makes the perfect cup?

Ollie Poole | November 17, 2023

You know the feeling. Your eyes roll up in ecstasy as your lips touch. You gasp. Look around to see if anyone noticed. And instantly reach for more. The day has barely reached 10am and you’re already eyeing up your 3rd cup.

Sound familiar? Whether you’re an espresso enthusiast or mocha maniac – the lure of a hot cup of ‘java’ intoxicates us all. In this blog – we spotlight the art of coffee and exactly what makes the most scrumptious cup.

The art of coffee – a delicious cup explained

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The coffee bean quality, water used, coffee-to-water ratio, grind coarseness and the way your coffee is brewed all have a say.

Go for high water quality

A study from the University of Bath found that water composition has a dramatic effect on the taste of coffee. It showed that water with low levels of bicarbonate and high levels of magnesium helped to brew a well-rounded and full-bodied brew. Whereas water richer in sodium and bicarbonates (often found in bottled water) tend to produce a poorer and weaker-tasting cup of coffee.

60% of people in the UK are based in hard or very hard water areas, which show over 200mg of calcium carbonate per litre. This is why we recommend all those looking for quality coffee in their workplace to choose a premium coffee machine – as they’re fitted with a water filtration system that gives you high water quality. And delicious coffee every time.

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Incredible coffee beans help

coffee beans from FreshGround

The geographic location and environment in which coffee plants are cultivated impacts the taste of the beans. Factors such as altitude, soil composition, climate, and weather patterns influence the beans’ flavour, acidity, sweetness and body. Generally speaking 25° degrees north and 30° degrees south of the equator (between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn) is prime conditions for growing quality coffee beans. As trees produce their best beans in a tropical climate where there is rich soil.

When you factor in the many various harvesting, processing and roasting methods, you’ll understand that the art of coffee lies in the cherry origin, how it is grown and treated. Starting with our range of premium coffee beans is a positive first step towards that perfect cup.

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Nail the water-to-coffee ratio

Water-to-coffee ratio means the amount of coffee used per unit of water. Every perfect cup has a good balance. For example, low amounts of coffee compared to water leave a weak taste, and on the other hand, lots of water with little coffee leaves an overly strong brew. Your choice of extraction method determines the perfect ratio. However as a general guideline: a 1:17 ratio (1 gram of coffee with 17 grams of water) yields brilliant results.

Think about grind coarseness

A secret to the perfect cup of coffee is nailing the grind’s coarseness. Beans that are ground too fine result in a thin texture and bitter taste; whereas a coarser grind holds in natural oils and results in a less bitter taste. We recommend going for a medium-coarse grind to strike the perfect balance of smooth texture, and slightly sweet aroma.

Consider the brewing methods

brewing methods

Your brewing method will also affect the taste of your coffee and there are lots of different ways to brew your coffee. Some include French press, AeroPress, Moka Pot, pour-over, percolators, espresso, pod machines, bean-to-cup machines and more.

If you brew your coffee for too long it will be over-extracted resulting in a bitter and overpowering flavour. Whereas under-extracted coffee can taste weak and watery. For a more reliable experience — a superpowered machine like the F5 Egro Next has the tools to craft you a perfect cup every time.

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We’re here to help

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