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Can I get a sparkling water tap for my office?

Jacob | May 22, 2023 | 3 minute read

Are you looking for the perfect hydration centre for your office space? Maybe you’re an office manager on the search for a one in all water dispenser system after multiple members of your team have asked, “do we have sparkling water available in our office?”.

Perhaps you’re at the planning stage of moving into your office space and want to be able to provide a variety of drinking options for your team to ensure they’re kept regularly hydrated throughout their working day.

Here at FreshGround we have over 40 years of experience helping businesses, such as the ones you work in, to help provide each one specific, amazing quality in office drinking. In this blog piece we will be exploring the benefits of sparkling water versus standard and bottled water. We will also run through the best water taps to suit you and your office.

How is sparkling water made?

Sparkling water can also be known as carbonated water, fizzy water and soda water. The sparkling water process takes place when any water is infused with carbon dioxide to create bubbles. It cannot have anything added to it other than minerals or zero-calorie flavours.

The benefits of a sparkling water tap


In 2021 the bottled water industry totalled a whopping £1.64 billion across the UK. 2.5 million litres of bottled water were consumed in 2021, with each person on average consuming 49.7 litres. In the next four years, this is expected to rise to 57 litres.
Having a sparkling water tap in your office eliminates the need to purchase and store bottled water, which can be both time-consuming and expensive over time. Implementing a sparkling water tap decreases the spend for your office team on bottled water as well as being far better for the environment.


Many people find the taste of sparkling water more appealing than still water, which can encourage them to drink more water and stay hydrated throughout the day. Sparkling water can be seen as a healthy alternative to still water by many of your office team.


Did you know fizzy drinks are 100 times more damaging to the enamel in your teeth than sparkling water? In fact, prior to popular belief, carbonation and carbonated water doesn’t break down any of the enamel in your teeth. Fizzy drinks are considerably worse for your enamel in and your teeth in comparison due to the sugar added to the drinks. Sparkling water can also improve your digestion by improving your ability to swallow. Sparkling water also doesn’t contain sugar and is calorie free. Sparkling water will have a higher amount of minerals in it compared to still water options.


As we are all told regularly, hydration is key! Sparkling water has the same benefits for your health as ‘regular’ spring water. The UK government recommends an average adult should be drinking eight to ten 200ml glasses of water per day, around 1.8 and 2 litres. It’s important to stay around 1.8 and 2 litres each day due to the average person losing over 2 litres a day from going to the toilet, sweating and even breathing!

Sparkling water can also be seen as a more ‘exciting’ alternative to standard still water. It’s vitally important to keep your team in your workplace hydrated, regular dehydration symptoms can be headaches, loss of concentration and low attention spans, affecting working output.

Helping the environment

A sparkling water tap can help reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by single-use water bottles, which is better for the environment. But why are plastic water bottles so bad for the environment? Firstly, plastic bottles are made from fossil fuels. Coal, natural gas and crude oil are all primary materials for manufacturers when creating plastic. Eight million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans across the globe yearly, affecting the lives of animals and their natural habitat.

When plastics degrade, they break down into a form called microplastics. These microplastics produce toxins which can be dangerous for all marine life. It is predicted that if human beings continue their rate of littering then, by 2050, there could actually be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Did you know a plastic water bottle can last up to 450 years before it totally disintegrates? This can cause plastic water bottles also taking up unnecessary landfill space.

To summarise, the beginning, middle and eventual end processes of a plastic water bottle are extremely damaging for the environment and for animals who have seen a significant increase of littered plastic in their natural habitats.

Which sparkling water tap is best suited for my office?

Best sparkling water tap for small sized offices

The best water dispenser for a small office is the W2 Borg & Overstrom B4. Available to be set up as a floor-standing or countertop, the B4 can serve up to 20 people. The W2 is available in three configurations, including cold & ambient, cold & sparkling and cold and hot. This water dispenser is super easy to clean as well as having an integrated cup dispenser. You can read more about the brilliant features of the W2 Borg & Overstrom B4 here.

Best sparkling water tap for medium sized offices

The T4 Billi Quadra Sparkling is a great option if you have a medium sized office. The T4 is a compact all in one tap delivering boiling, chilled and sparkling options. The T4 has a unique heat-exchange technology which means the compact undercounter unit will fit in even the smallest of cupboard spaces. To read more about what the T4 can do for your medium sized office head here.

Best sparkling water tap for large sized offices

The T5 Billi Quadra Plus Tap is the ideal option for a large sized office, with the Quadra Plus capable of serving up to 100 people. To see more of what the T5 can add to your large office head here.

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After reading this piece are you interested in fitting a sparkling water tap into your office space? The first major step is to find out what works for your business, so if you need a hand our team is here to help. Simply get in touch and we can support you in finding the perfect office coffee experience.