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5 charming festive gifts for coffee lovers

Ollie | December 14, 2023

Gifts make people smile. That warm fuzzy feeling that hits us when we give or receive a thoughtful present – is priceless. That being said, here are 5 charming festive gifts to give colleagues, family or friends with a taste for coffee.

Cafetiere Coffee Lovers Kit

Brewing a cafetiere for the family is quintessential Christmas cosiness. Whether preparing for a crisp Boxing day dog walk, or snuggly board game afternoon – this Cafetiere Coffee Lovers Kit is the perfect companion. It comes with a tastebud-tingling range of coffee beans – set to captivate all tastes: 1x Colombia Altura, 1x Brasilia Forte, 1x Blue Mountain, 1x Ethiopian Sidamo. Plus, an easy-to-use cafetiere set to match.

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V60 Coffee Lovers Kit

Is V60 your coffee set-up of choice? We like your style. This V60 Coffee Lovers Kit comes with a V60 dripper, coffee filter papers and 4 tasty filter coffee blends that dance across the tongue. There’s something particularly heart-warming about watching your coffee dripper in action – and then nestling up by the fire with your delicious brew. A mindful ritual. And gorgeous gift to treat any colleague, friend or family member with.

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Scrumptiously sweet syrups

Caramel syrups

Sweet tooth? Whether a dollop, a dash, a sprinkle or a splash – and coffee syrups put festive magic in your drinks. We recommend gifting hazelnut, vanilla and caramel syrups to your loved ones with a soft spot for a sugary latte, cappuccino or mocha. And if you fancy getting creative – how about giving our winter coffee recipes a try?

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Coffee-lovers mugs

coffee mugs

Who made mugs so charming? Gifting a mug to suit your loved one’s sense of humour or life outlook guarantees a positive reaction. We recommend browsing some online and perhaps gifting one alongside the coffee gift sets mentioned above. ‘Round of coffee, anyone?’

Coffee chocolate

A gift to finesse your coffee and food pairings is always a good idea. That’s why we recommend finding delicious coffee chocolate to gobble with your Colombia Altura or Brasilia Forte cafetiere and V60 coffee. Or some dark chocolate to match with your espresso. Sweet treats are extra special in winter.

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