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Sustainable servicing: FreshGround partners with PedalMe

Ollie | December 8, 2023 | 2 minute read

‘No diesel emissions, no congestion charges, and no getting stuck in traffic.’ (PedalMe)

Our commitment to fast servicing and sustainability initiatives throughout our operations – inspired us to partner with PedalMe.

Championing a ‘faster, cheaper, greener’ service compared to the van courier services that clog up the capital, PedalMe’s riders move equipment on E-cargo bikes in quick time. Instead of puffing out C02 emissions while rooted in traffic, these ultra-slick bikes can weave through London traffic smoothly. Carrying up to 150kg with perfect balance.

FreshGround partners with PedalMe

Clive Barnes, FreshGround

‘Speed and sustainability are core components of our servicing. When the opportunity to partner with PedalMe arose, it was a no-brainer. It gives us another string to our bow when it comes to meet our client needs.’
(Clive Barnes, Head of Client Care)

So how does it work? When we receive a call from a London client – our tech team are on the case. If they need an extra part to complete the servicing, a PedalMe rider will zoom over to the client in a matter of minutes. This service works brilliantly for rapid-response requests. Gliding in an out of London congestion with safety and ease, these highly skilled riders work in harmony with our engineers – who meet them at client site, collect the parts, and service your coffee machine or water dispenser.

See this example of PedalMe rider, Ant’s journey below.


Once he got the call, Ant jumped on his PedalMe bike and delivered a “Billi extension kit” to FreshGround engineer Pat, who was waiting at our client: Nestle. The total journey from FreshGround’s Moorgate office (4th Floor, 141 Moorgate, London EC2M 6TX) to Nestle (Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BP) took just 27 minutes. And that included photo breaks for this blog.

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Pedal Me bike out and about

View more examples of PedalMe and FreshGround partnership to view this super-slick operation.

FreshGround clients

PedalMe driver, Hugo King-Irwin, tells FreshGround about the joys of riding an E-cargo bike:

‘The feeling of running past a busy line of traffic with the clock ticking is wonderful, you feel completely disconnected from the stress and panic of the roads yet also totally tuned in to the flow of the city.’


FreshGround servicing and support – get in touch

Our tech team always respond to your callouts within 24hours and proudly boast a 85% first time fix rate. While our coffee machines and water taps are reliable, like anything, sometimes your they need a little technical tweak to restore them to their best. If you have any questions about our servicing plans, please get in touch by: 020 7553 7900 (phone) or (email).