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5 herbal teas to brighten up your workplace

Ollie | December 6, 2023

Herbal teas are warm hugs. All weary yawns and snotty sniffles transform into soft smiles and satisfied sighs with herbal tea in-hand. While frost paints workplace windows white with cold, feeling the hot steam of flowers, fruits and herbs caress our skin is bliss. Life-affirming. And simply good for the soul.

Whether you’re an office manager looking to stock up on teas for your team (or a herbal tea fanatic foraging for new favourites) – you’ve reached the right place.

Why drink herbal tea?

Perhaps its that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Access to the aromas of the natural world from any location. The joys of a heart-warming hot mug without the caffeine jitters. Or maybe their health benefits? (More on this below)

Either way – herbal teas are a hit.

The 5 best herbal teas (for all tastebuds)

All herbal teas below are naturally caffeine free, with no added sugar.


peppermint teaPhoto by @edoronila via Unsplash Images

Peppermint gets us purring. The cosiest of comforts. Made from green peppermint leaves harvested in the warmest month of the year, just one sip fills you with a sunshine. We recommend peppermint teas like Twinings and Newbys, which are rich in essential oils and free from caffeine and sugar. This makes them a soothing afternoon hot drink for those who cherish a good night’s sleep. They’re also known to aid digestion and bloating, plus ease headaches and anxiety – helping you stay balanced during your working day. Wave goodbye to your post-lunch slump.

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Ooze into your bliss with camomile. This slightly sweet herbal tea comes from daisy-like flowers – giving us a golden potion that halves even the most hectic heartrates. It was famed as a medicinal herb in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome – and today its health benefits are still booming. A hot camomile holds your immune system in a tender embrace; helping sleep, stomach issues and menstrual pain.

You might want to pause reading to make yourself a cup.

Moroccan mint

Emerging from the icy-cold, dark nights in the desert, the indigenous Tuareg people (of North Africa) had one thing keeping them going: Moroccan mint tea. This herbal concoction — made by blending green tea with spicy peppermint leaf — was their reward after their long, nomadic walks. And today: all members of your office deserve a piece of the magic. We suggest sinking your senses into a hot cup to nourish your mind and soothe your stomach. Who knew such calm was just one teabag away?

Jasmine green

Jasmine green teaNewby Jasmine Blossom Green Tea

Jasmine green is a mental deep-clean. Essential for working minds. It’s made by laying delicate jasmine blossoms onto green tea leaves until the floral scents are absorbed. The result is a steamy cup that greets you with the natural world’s nurturing hug. We recommend adding this to your office’s herbal tea collection – and placing it in close by your hot water tap. As it’s bound to be a fan favourite.

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Lemon and ginger

lemon and ginger teaPhoto by @dominikmartin via Unsplash Images

Brain fog? Not anymore. The zest of lemon and ginger will re-set your senses in seconds. Giving you that natural kick to spur on your afternoons. Naturally caffeine free with no added sugar (like all herbal teas above), there’s no hour when it’s not welcome. Known to promote digestion, my 2pm feels perfect with a mug of lemon and ginger within reach.

Need herbal teas for your office?

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