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Happiness is hot coffee in the morning

Ollie | October 23, 2023

“Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it’s hard to go back to sleep.”

Your alarm shatters your warm bubble of sleep. Time for work. An angry awakening – particularly with the soft pitter-patter of rain on windowpanes and winter’s darkness begging you back into the covers. But fear not – there’s something brewing. It’s the difference between dreading your morning presentation and reeling off improvised jokes during it. The difference between a hangover and 5k run.

Her name? Coffee. Here’s why a hot cup makes us so happy.

Caffeine soars our spirits

The UK drinks around 98 million cups of coffee per day (source: British Coffee Association) – with many seeking the mood-boosting effects of caffeine.

A caffeinated coffee releases dopamine – ‘the happy hormone’ – and blocks adenosine: the neurotransmitter that signals tiredness to our brain. That’s why just one sip can stop you yawning. Reading this: you may recognise yourself as one of those “don’t talk to me before my coffee” people? Then you are strongest evidence of coffee’s mood-boosting magic. Your morning coffee can be the difference between dreading brunch with your in-laws to charming them in seconds. Which would you choose?

Saying that, don’t get greedy. As too much caffeine can cause anxiety, heart palpitations and poor sleep. For these reasons, doctors recommend a max of 400mg of caffeine per day (4-5 cups). However, in healthy moderation – drinking coffee is like having a supportive best friend cheering you throughout your working day.

We’re obsessed with the taste

Coffee tastes delicious. It’s why we flock back to our cherished coffee shops and crowd around the office coffee machine. From elegant espressos and addictive americanos to creative cappuccino foams – coffee’s versatility throws up unlimited flavours.

The flavours from premium coffee beans put smiles on faces. Whether it’s a bitter, sweet, nutty, floral, honey, citrus, cedarwood, chocolate-caramel, or smokey tobacco flavour that jumps you out of bed – we’re obsessed with the tastes of coffee.

If you’re reading this from an office – we assume you have a coffee in hand? If not, know that you can sip your favourite coffees in seconds with one touch of premium office coffee machine.

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Coffee helps a happy morning routine

happiness is hot coffee

Routines makes us happy; and for many people – coffee is an essential part of their morning routine to get them inspired for the day.

Research by mental health app Headspace highlights that consistent routines alleviate stress and anxiety – boosting our productivity. If you’re an office manager looking to level up your staff’s output, stocking your breakout area with a beautiful supply of coffee is a must. Plus, you’ll find that many creative ideas are born around your workplace’s coffee machine.

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Happiness is a hot coffee

Above all, coffee-lovers know their zest for life is alive with a hot cup in-hand. A sip can be the difference between seeing your life is a chore or a beautiful adventure. Between aggravated and elated. We believe happiness is a hot coffee in the morning – do you agree?

Fancy a taste?

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