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How is oat milk made?

Ollie | November 10, 2023

A coffee shop without oat milk would be like a restaurant without food. Its popularity has hit indispensable heights – with several brands flooding alt-milk supermarket aisles. But this didn’t happen out of thin air. In this blog: we answer the begging question ‘how is oat milk made?’ Plus recommend how to best enjoy it in your office.

What is oat milk?

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Oat milk is a plant-based milk: meaning an alternative option to cow’s milk. It comes from whole oats that are soaked in water, blended and strained. The result is a creamy texture and delicious, nutty flavour that can come unsweetened or sweetened with vanilla and chocolate. While vegan and lactose-free coffee-lovers are big fans, even those who can drink diary are opting for oat instead – thanks to its deliciously addictive taste.

Although oat milk use knows no bounds (including in cereals, smoothies and teas), it makes a brilliant main feature in cappuccinos and lattes.

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How is oat milk made?

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Oats (cereal grains) are grown in a field and harvested. The husk is then removed from the grains (usually by steaming them) – leaving hulled oats that can made into an edible milk product. Next: these oats are mixed with water (making them easier to grind down), usually 1 cup rolled oats to 4 cups of water. This is then blended down to make a thick liquid. In order to break down starches into smaller sizes (and therefore prevent the liquid getting too thick), enzymes are added to the oat mixture.

It’s then strained to remove any hard fibres remaining – giving a silky-smooth liquid. Some manufacturers choose to add extra vitamins or sweeteners at this stage. Finally: heat is added to sterilise the oat milk and guarantee a strong shelf life. And there you have it: it’s stored away in silos then shipped out to high-street coffee shops, supermarkets and offices.

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The benefits of oat milk for your office

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Your team deserves an inclusive and enticing coffee station, which means stocking up on oat milk is essential. Those reading who are looking to dangle return-to-office incentives in front of their team (without mandates) must know that installing a premium dual-milk coffee machine (adept at making oat milk cappuccinos and lattes) can lure employees back. As well as boost their productivity and make them feel valued. You’d be amazed how many creative conversations start with ‘coffee?’. And your clients will be more than impressed when they’re handed barista-quality coffee in your office within seconds of their arrival.

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