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How to create a barista-style coffee experience in the office

Alex | May 29, 2023 | 5 minute read

Does your team value a good quality cup of coffee in the office? Coffee is actually a vital perk to offer your employees as it shows you care about them and are willing to invest in their happiness in the workplace.

Not many businesses are still providing their team with instant coffee from the office kettle. And that’s because people expect a barista-style coffee experience. They also expect to get the same coffees they enjoy from the high street made by baristas in the office so you’ll want to provide them with a variety of coffee drinks.

Bringing a barista-style coffee experience into the office can not only improve the quality of coffee being consumed but can also boost team morale and productivity. We’ve got some tips on how to create a barista-style coffee experience as well as discuss the benefits of investing in a bean to cup machine.

Investing in a bean-to-cup machine

At the core of any type of coffee experience is the quality of equipment. Traditional espresso machines found in cafes can be hugely expensive and require a lot of maintenance and training to use, which is why a bean-to-cup machine is an excellent alternative for the office.

Bean-to-cup machines take the guesswork out of making a great cup of coffee. They use whole beans to grind and brew a fresh cup of coffee consistently with every cup. Investing in a bean-to-cup machine can also save businesses time and money and positively impact your workplace culture.

Personalise your coffee station

Your coffee station should reflect your office’s personality and culture, and the machine you choose should be both visually appealing and functional. Your coffee machine should be in a central location that’s easily accessible – most often this will be in the office kitchen or break-out areas.

The layout of your coffee station should be intuitive and easy to navigate. Of course one of the great things about bean-to-cup machines is that they’re really easy to use. Most come with a digital user interface so you can select and personalise your coffee at the touch of a button. With some machines you can even order via an app on your mobile phone and the machine will have your coffee ready and waiting for you!

Variety of coffee

Another one of the many benefits of using a bean-to-cup machine is that it can offer a variety of drinks beyond just a traditional cup of coffee. A bean-to-cup machine can also make lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, mochas, and even hot chocolate. Providing your staff with a variety of drink options can make it feel like they’re at their favourite café instead of sitting in their office.

Provide a choice

Lots of bean-to-cup machines will have dual hoppers so you can offer your team a choice of coffee beans and offer a decaf option if required. You can also get dual milk machines as well so you can provide say one fridge with dairy milk and then a plant-based variety in another. With so many alternative milks on the market from almond, oat, hemp, pea, soy and so on, you might also want to provide a few more options to store in your office fridge.

And don’t forget that having flavoured syrups such as vanilla, chocolate, and caramel can help to take their beverages to the next level and make coffee that your team would get in a coffee shop.

Keep the area clean

Bean-to-cup machines are thankfully really easy to clean and maintain. If you’re responsible for looking after the machine, daily you’ll want to just give it a wipe over with some antibacterial spray to ensure it’s clean and hygienic. And then there are cleaning programmes for the inside of the machine that should be done at the end of the day. These are really quick and simple and mostly just involve pressing a button or two and getting the machine ready for the next morning. Simply fill up your hoppers and milk and you’re good to go!

Keep the surrounding area clean and wipe countertops, clean cups, mugs and so on so it makes the space a welcoming and engaging space that will encourage use.

Use quality beans

Naturally, the quality of coffee beans has a significant impact on flavour. High-quality, fresh beans can make all the difference in producing a barista-style cup of coffee. Choosing a reputable coffee provider that specialises in high-quality beans is essential to ensure excellent taste.

Giving your team, clients and visitors cheap coffee doesn’t make a good impression. Although it costs more to purchase and run, it pays off in the long run and a barista-style coffee can even help to attract and keep talent. In a recent survey, it was reported that people wouldn’t accept a job purely based on the quality of the coffee! Most of our customers don’t buy a machine outright anyway and choose to rent or get on a free loan agreement. You can actually get a great coffee machine for just a few pounds a day.

To conclude, providing a barista-style coffee experience in the office can help to improve the overall atmosphere and productivity of the workplace. By offering a variety of coffee options and investing in great quality coffee, employees will feel appreciated and taken care of.

Quality coffee can also result in a boost in mood and energy, leading to more productive, motivated and efficient work. It generally enhances the overall office ambience and encourages collaboration, making it a more enjoyable and welcoming space to work in.

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