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'Everyone's invited', Minor Figures and FreshGround to champion inclusive office coffee

Ollie | January 19, 2024

Imagine your world without coffee. Fainted, yet? It’s a shocking thought.

Coffee makes us smile. It enlivens our mornings and brings people together. That’s why coffee should include all – regardless of allergies, diet preferences and tastes. With that in mind, FreshGround proudly stocks Minor Figures oat milk in UK offices. Helping business owners hand every employee quality coffee.

I sat down with the minds of Minor Figures to talk office coffee inclusivity and get a flavour of their story.

‘All about inclusivity’ – Minor Figures and FreshGround team up

Minor Figures oat milk brand Image credit: Minor Figures

Olivia Sinclair, Senior Marketing Manager at Minor Figures:

‘We’re big fans of FreshGround, as they too believe in getting better coffee into people’s hands. Plus, they’re all about inclusivity, just like us – as the world of coffee is all about community, and everyone’s invited in. This value is manifested for us at Minor Figures, from the way in which we work collaboratively internally, to the way in which our Barista Oat was designed to pair perfectly with coffee and not overpower it. Connectivity is at the heart of what we do, and we’re delighted to be working with FreshGround to reach even more people with even better coffee’.

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Minor Figures’ Barista Oat – an inclusive office staple

Minor Figures oat milk Image credit: Minor Figures

Inclusive office kitchens stock oat milk. The creamy, nutty plant-based milk is booming. Yes, it’s no longer just vegans who adore oat. Everyone wants a frothy oat milk cappuccino.

That’s why Minor Figures positions their Barista Oat as not an alternative milk or dairy free option – but as the most delicious way to enjoy coffee.

All facilities managers need to be wise to this – and make oat milk coffees available to their staff in-house. For some guidance: an office coffee machine with a dual-milk function is a proven winner. This unlocks the full barista-style range of oat milk coffees (made from the machine in seconds). Plus, putting Barista Oat in your office teapoint is bound to charm English breakfast lovers.

FreshGround F5 Egro Next coffee machine

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Choose FreshGround with Minor Figures for inclusive office coffee

Welcoming all is a crucial philosophy for life. And this includes workplaces, where we spend so much time. Businesses that value every employee have good things brewing: an attractive workplace culture, inclusive brand repetition and valued employees who will grow the business.

Saying this, pairing FreshGround’s office coffee machines with Minor Figures’ scrumptious Barista Oat will make your office teapoints into a hub of belonging.

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