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Next level filter coffee from the new A5 Egro Next Touch coffee machine

Alex | April 5, 2022

Introducing the latest generation of coffee machines for your workplace. Delivering the best in design and technology, the A5 Egro Next Touch is the most innovative, fully automatic, filter coffee machine on the market. Coffee purists everywhere can now enjoy premium filter coffee freshly brewed at work. Practical and convenient, it guarantees every cup is full of flavour.

Busy office? No problem.

This sleek and stylish machine can serve up to 200 filter coffees per day, no problem. Perfect for bustling offices with high traffic, its stainless steel dispensing group, (with a 22 grams brewing chamber) delivers a high-quality performance every time. It’s faster than a traditional filter coffee maker and has no recovery time. Every coffee you order is ground instantly and brewed on demand so you’ll get only the freshest coffee without any waste.

Your coffee, your way

The A5 Egro Next Touch comes equipped with four coffee bean hoppers so you and your team can get creative with your drinks. Mix things up with four different base coffees that are always available and up to 10 customisable coffee blends. It comes with ‘Multi-Drink software’ making it easy to create any recipe you want in just a few taps. All you do is select your favourite blend or single-origin coffee, set the pre-infusion time and choose the desired strength. That’s it!

Only the best

The A5 Egro Next Touch has won awards for the quality of its design, aesthetics and innovation in terms of coffee delivery. It has a 10.1” HD touchscreen interface that’s intuitive and works similarly to your smartphone. This means you can customise each coffee recipe and conveniently maintain the machine all with just a few screen taps. The screen is also customisable so you can add your company branding and even run promotional videos on screen. It’s been designed to reduce labour and maintenance costs and simplifies cleaning operations with on-screen guided daily cleaning and rinsing cycles.

Ask us today about the A5 Egro Next Touch

If you want to elevate your coffee experience and take it to the next level, the A5 Egro Next Touch is for you. Your employees, clients and visitors will thank you for it!

To find out more, head to our product page or give us a call to discuss your requirements. If you want to see it in action, you’re welcome to join us in our London showroom anytime. Just get in touch with us.