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Top 15 sparkling water facts to make your brain bubble

Anthony | April 12, 2022

At FreshGround, we’re big fans of sparkling water. Not only do we have sparkling water on tap in our offices, but we find it quite fascinating too. That might sound odd to say, but hear us out. Here are 15 facts that we love about sparkling water:

  1. Sparkling water keeps you hydrated

Let’s start off with the obvious, sparkling water is a great way to stay hydrated! There is a myth that drinking sparkling or soda water can dehydrate you, but health experts have confirmed that sparkling has the same thirst-quenching benefits of still water. It’s a great way to hit that magic six to eight glasses of water a day, as recommended by the NHS.

Other interesting health benefits

  1. Drinking sparkling water helps you feel full

The satisfying fizz of sparkling water may feel great on your tongue, but they can also help with weight control and dieting. Those tiny carbonated bubbles fill your stomach and convince your brain that you feel more full. This in turn means that you need to eat less before feeling satisfied, which can be a great way to avoid extra unnecessary calories.

  1. Carbonated water can increase productivity

Ever get that tired or sluggish feeling in the afternoon? Chances are, it might be a sign of dehydration. Staying hydrated has been proven to improve concentration, memory and mood throughout the day. As such, drinking plenty of sparkling water is bound to make you more productive, as you’ll feel much better for it.

  1. It’s a great digestion aid

If you’re prone to frequent indigestion or an upset stomach, there is some evidence to show that a glass of sparkling water can help. A study published in the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology shows that patients who drank sparkling water for two weeks showed improvements to their gallbladder issues, overall digestion and constipation.

  1. And it’s brilliant for your heart too

Drinking sparkling water (the same as it is with regular water) is vital for a healthy heart. A well-hydrated body allows your heart to pump 2,000 gallons of blood around your veins more easily. In short, the more water you drink, the more you help your heart do its job!

  1. Sparkling water can improve dental health

Switch sugar-packed fizzy drinks for sparkling water and your dentist will thank you. Sparkling water, even when flavoured with sugar-free additions, is drastically less damaging for your teeth than the likes of cola and lemonade. Try sparkling water with a slice of lime or even cucumber. It’s really tasty and far gentler on your gnashers.

More fascinating facts

  1. You may call sparkling water something else

It’s always referred to as sparkling water in our office, but depending on who you talk to, or even what countries you visit, it can be called something else entirely. We often hear it referred to as soda water, carbonated water, club soda, fizzy water and seltzer. There are probably other terms out there too.

  1. Sparkling water is great in cooking

You should consider adding sparkling water to some of your recipes. It’s being used more and more in cooking, with uses such as decreasing the oxidation of vegetables, as well as making batters rise with a fluffy texture. Give it a try.

  1. Add sparkling water to make a short drink long

This is a great tip for the summer. If you want to take your favourite short drinks and make them a little more refreshing, top them up with soda water. It preserves the great taste you love, whilst diluting the drink to prolong your sipping experience.

  1. Doing so actually changed the way a lot of people drank alcohol!

The introduction of sparkling water led to the creation of many great cocktails. Classics such as the mojito, gin fizz, whisky highball and white wine spritzers owe their creation to our favourite sparkling soda. Strong spirits being diluted in such a way has made drinking a far more social affair.

  1. Sparkling water is created with CO2

Modern sparkling or ‘carbonated’ water is created by passing pressurised carbon dioxide through water.

  1. But it was made quite differently in 1750…

First discovered by Gabriel François Venel in the mid-18th century, sparkling water was originally created by adding hydrochloric acid and soda to pure water. Venel called the product aerated water, as he thought the bubbly nature was caused by the escape of air in the liquid.

  1. You can find sparkling water in nature

There are some artesian wells that produce naturally occurring effervescent mineral water. It can be found in locations such as Selters in the German mountains and is similar to sparkling water. As tempting as it sounds, we’d much rather have it delivered from one of our sparkling water taps.

  1. Compared to still water, sparkling water tastes slightly tart

This flavour change is due to the carbon dissolved in the water. As that fizzy reaction in your glass happens, it creates carbonic acid, giving the water a slightly tart note on your tastebuds.

  1. The escaping fizz sound is created by a sudden change in pressure

Ever wondered why your drink can or bottle of sparkling water makes that distinctive “psht” sound when you open it? That happens because opening the container reduces the pressure inside, causing carbon dioxide to escape and bubbles to form.

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