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The Key Challenges Facing Facilities Managers

FreshGround | April 28, 2016

With so many people to manage and tasks to juggle, being a facilities manager isn’t easy at the best of times. Those who take on the role have to be able to multi task, communicate and manage the people they work with, trouble shooting and problem solving their way through the working day.

Understanding the key challenges that facilities managers face will help those working in the job to cope with the changing business landscape and the issues affecting their role.


As the person responsible for the day to day running of the office, it generally falls to the facilities manager to improve the company’s sustainability and ease its impact on the environment. Reducing a business? carbon footprint, even if bosses are willing to invest in green technologies and working practices, is no easy task and facilities managers who want to make their company more sustainable will have their work cut out for them.


Though facilities managers have been working hard in offices around the world for years now, a lot of employees and even some bosses still aren’t exactly sure what they do. Getting colleagues to understand the role is the first step in building productive relationships with co-workers. The better that colleagues and managers understand what it is a facilities manager does, the easier it will be to get them to cooperate when the facilities manager needs to get something done.

New talent

Recent research has shown that the average age of a facilities manager is now 49. Fewer young people are pursuing training that would lead them to facilities management, creating a big gap in new talent coming through the ranks. Existing facilities managers may find they have to take on a heavier workload with no trainees around to take the strain, placing even more pressure on already hard working professionals.


Though many areas of business are now booming, a lot of facilities managers are still finding their budgets cut on a regular basis. What’s more, many are expected to do more with less, providing extra services and more efficient practices with a quickly disappearing budget.


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