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What’s the best coffee for my office?

Alex | December 12, 2022

Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee at work, but the type of coffee bean makes all the difference. With so many different types available, it’s hard to know which one’s right for your team. Let’s explore some of the best coffee options, and understand what makes them stand out from the rest.

What to look out for?

You’ll want to look at a few things when selecting the perfect coffee experience for the office. We all know that people value quality perks like fresh coffee, so make sure you don’t let your team down. If you provide a bean-to-cup machine, you can offer barista-style coffee similar to what’s found on the high street.

A bean-to-cup machine simply grinds the beans on demand. It brews beautifully fresh-tasting coffee at the touch of a button. It’s a simple and affordable addition and it shows you care about your team, clients and visitors. They’re really easy to keep clean and maintain. Some models even have dual bean hoppers that give your team a choice of coffee beans.

Similarly, some machines have dual milk fridges, so you can also offer a choice of milk. This is becoming a necessity in modern workplaces where many people are moving away from dairy products. This is due to various reasons including sustainability, environmental or ethical concerns, and that many people are choosing vegan lifestyles. If you’re a facilities manager, part of your role might be to help keep your team happy and hydrated. A quality coffee experience with a choice of coffee and milk makes all the difference.

Remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a good impression. Make sure your coffee represents what you stand for as a business. Serving a cheap cup of instant no longer makes the cut!

Different types of coffee

So, once you’ve got your bean-to-cup machine installed, next you need to decide how to choose a coffee that everyone will love. Not only will you want to consider quality and price, but you’ll also want to look at different types of coffee beans. Also consider the roast level, the origin, and the processing method. And of course, most importantly, you’ll want to pick a coffee that has a great taste and aroma.

Arabica vs robusta

Some of the best coffee is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans. Arabica beans are considered to be the highest quality beans. They’re known for their delicate, smooth and aromatic flavours.

Arabica beans are grown at high altitudes and are carefully harvested and processed, which can help to preserve their quality and taste.

Robusta coffee beans are known for their bold, full-bodied flavour and high caffeine content. These beans are grown at lower altitudes than Arabica beans, and they’re generally considered to be less refined.

Due to their slightly bitter taste, they tend to be used in blends of coffee to add a richer, more robust taste. They’re also often used in instant coffee as they’re less expensive than Arabica. Whilst there are some great-tasting robusta coffee beans out there, a lot of people prefer the more well-rounded, smoother-tasting Arabica variety. However, like everything, it comes down to personal preference.


You might want to consider a single-origin coffee. Single-origin coffee is made with beans that are sourced from a specific region and is known for its unique profile. Because single-origin coffee is made with beans from a specific location, it can have a distinct taste that’s characteristic of that region. For example, coffee from Brazil might have nutty, chocolatey notes, while coffee from Colombia might have sweeter, fruity notes.

Single origins appear to be increasingly popular because of their traceability and because of their ethical production methods. For many reasons, single-origin coffee is favoured by some coffee connoisseurs who appreciate its uniqueness. Bare in mind though that it tends to be more expensive than other varieties. Some varieties may also be harder to find all year round as it’s often harvested in small batches.

Shade grown coffee

Shade-grown coffee is as the name suggests made with beans that are grown under a canopy of trees, rather than in the full sun. This unique way of growing coffee helps to preserve the natural ecosystem and wildlife habitat.

Shade-grown coffee may be more aromatic than coffee that’s grown in full sun. This is because the trees provide protection from the sun and wind, and that helps to enhance the flavour.

Shade-grown coffee is available here in the UK, but it’s still fairly niche, so is mostly found in speciality coffee shops or online retailers. It’s often more expensive than regular coffee when you factor in that it offers a higher quality bean and a more sustainable option.

Organic coffee

Organic coffee is a great choice for those who are looking for a healthy and environmentally-friendly drink. It’s made with beans that are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilisers. This can help to protect the environment, and it may even offer more health benefits than other coffee. It can be higher in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals

Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance

If sustainability is particularly important to your business, you could opt for either Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee. Both are types of sustainably-grown coffee that support small farmers and cooperatives. However, there are some key differences.

Fair Trade coffee is made with coffee beans that are grown and harvested by farmers who are paid a fair price for their coffee. This helps to support the local economy and provide a better standard of living. Fair trade coffee is also often organic

Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee is made with coffee beans that are grown in a way that is sustainable and environmentally friendly also. It preserves the natural ecosystem and habitat, and that in turn, protects the health and well-being of coffee farmers and their communities. Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee is not necessarily organic, but it’s grown in a sustainable way that promotes conservation and protects the environment.

We’re here to help

Whatever coffee you and your team decide on, make sure you’re providing them with a quality coffee experience. For more information on our range of coffee machines and water solutions for your office, simply contact our team.