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What’s the best coffee machine for a medium sized office?

Alex | May 15, 2023

When it comes to keeping your office running smoothly and your team happy and hydrated, you’ll want to provide a barista-style coffee experience at work. If you’re a facilities or office manager responsible for supplying refreshments, a cup of instant coffee just won’t make the cut!

Great quality coffee from a bean to cup machine can actually do wonders for team morale. It can help to boost productivity, increase creativity and encourage collaboration. It can help to create a more positive and engaging workplace culture too. Coffee experts and their research shows that employers who are willing to invest in their team’s comfort and well-being will result in a happier, more motivated team.

Not only that, but coffee also offers a wide range of health benefits that make it more than just a quick pick-me-up. It may enhance cognitive function, provide an energy boost, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, protect against Alzheimer’s, AND improve physical performance. In fact, some studies say that simply by drinking coffee you may live longer!

So if you’re catering for a small to medium-sized office, you might be considering what type of coffee solution to provide. The best option is a bean to cup coffee machine. Most offices tend to have these as they’re easy to operate, affordable, convenient, and offer a wide range of drinks – all at the touch of a button. Bean to cup coffee machines can make cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, americanos – even hot chocolate.

Let’s take a look at the many benefits of having quality coffee at work and also introduce you to what might just be the perfect office coffee machine for you.

Bean to cup coffee machines

As the name suggests, these machines are designed to grind fresh coffee beans and then brew the coffee, all in one unit. This ensures that the coffee is fresh and full of flavour. They come with hoppers on top of the machines which store the beans so all you have to do is keep that topped up to keep the coffee flowing.

They’re mostly plumbed into the mains water although some need to be hand-filled. They can be highly customisable and lots of them even come with two or three hoppers and offer dual milk functions. This will help to keep everyone happy by offering a choice of beans and kinds of milk. Especially important for those who say, opt for decaf, or are vegan and require a plant-based milk for example.

Which machine will suit a small to medium-sized business?

There are many different makes and models on the market that would be suitable for a small or medium-sized office. Of course, initially you’ll consider factors including the following:

Cost – can you afford to purchase or rent or lease a bean to cup machine?

Capacity – will the machine be able to keep up with the demand of your team even in busy periods like lunch hours?

Service plans – Most machines will come with a service plan to keep you covered so choose carefully.

Variety – can the machine offer a wide range of drinks to keep your team happy?

Milk and beans – does it offer the functionality to provide a choice of milk and coffee beans?

Size – will it fit comfortably in your office kitchen?

Quality – will it stand the test of time to comfortably meet your office needs?

Maintenance – is it easy to keep clean and maintain?

User friendly – does it have an easy user interface that your team can understand?

Sustainability – Is it energy efficient?

Introducing the F4 La Cimbali S15

We’ve got the perfect solution for your medium-sized office that ticks all the boxes with the F4 La Cimbali S15 and here’s why!


Whilst you can purchase all of our machines outright, most of our customers either rent or lease them. It means you don’t have to outlay a large amount upfront – something that will help if you’re balancing budgets. In fact, you can rent this particular machine from just £8.86 per day, making it an affordable luxury that all the team will love.


It will easily cater for teams of up to 100 people depending on the level of use.

Service plans

It comes with a choice of two service plans. Essential and Total Care which you can read more about here.


One of the standout features of the F4 LaCimbali S15 is its wide range of drink options. It delivers a full range of espresso-based fresh milk coffees and hot chocolate options, making it easy to cater to everyone’s preferences.

Milk and beans

The F4 LaCimbali S15 is customisable to include dual milk options, making it possible to offer both regular and dairy-free milk options. It also has two hoppers so you can put different beans in each.


This machine is compact and will fit into smaller office kitchens. Its dimensions of H: 715mm, W: 350mm, D: 605mm ensure it doesn’t take up too much space while still serving excellent coffee. Its 7-litre countertop fridge is also a fantastic addition, offering an under-counter option and ensuring that milk is always readily available and fresh.


This machine is manufactured by La Cimbali, which is a well-respected brand in the coffee industry which offers peace of mind you’re getting a great quality machine.


Like all our machines, it’s easy to keep clean and maintain. It’s very easy to give it a quick clean at the end of each day to keep it up and running for your team.

User friendly

The intuitive touchscreen operation, with a high-resolution colour display, makes it easy for anyone in the office to operate. No need to waste time figuring it out – the display is straightforward and user friendly.


It operates using a 240v 13a UK plug and uses 2700W, making it energy-efficient which not only helps to keep your running costs low, but it’s also perfect if you’re a business that has sustainability goals to meet.

Get in touch

Overall, the F4 LaCimbali S15 is a great coffee machine that really offers everything you need from an office coffee machine. So whether you’re looking for a customised solution or a high-quality coffee experience that will keep your team, clients and visitors satisfied, the F4 LaCimbali S15 is a great fit. Simply contact our team who can arrange a demonstration and provide you with further information.